9 Steps to Negotiating Ethical Non-Monogamy


Randall Horton, on how to negotiate an open relationship with your partner.

I’m Not Anti-Christian, But Religion Shouldn’t Have A Place In Political Discussion


This isn’t a slam on religion; it’s a call for inclusive political debate.

Hey #WomenAgainstFeminism and Feminists Against #WomenAgainstFeminism: A few things we can agree on


Sarah Beaulieu is ready to have a conversation about why there is so much hate against feminism.

Open Thread: What Does the Negative Commentary About the Oscars Say About Us as a Society?


Ken writes, “we live in a strange cruel society.” What do you think?

Get Your Red Pencils Out: We’re Looking for a Few Good Editors

Red Pencils

Are you passionate about men, The Good Men Project, and having the only ongoing conversation about what it means to be a man in the 21st century? Consider joining our editorial staff.

“Would You Kill Hitler?” And Other Important Questions of Manhood

Would You Kill Hitler photo wikipedia and grunge effects

Killing. Purpose. Time travel. What do these things have in common? The answer: manliness.

Dads: Talking to Your Daughter About Sex

Father Daughter Water

Lisette Johnson walks dads through the tricky process of talking with their daughters about sex.

“When Is It OK to Call Someone Black?”

t-shirt by Steve Locke

“We must devise strategies to keep naming, interpreting, and confronting racism”. Beth Balliro answers a question sent to Steve Locke.

3 Things Little Girls Need From Their Fathers


Joyce McFadden outlines ways fathers can be more communicative with their daughters about sexuality.

“To draw attention to, and gather support for, men’s issues that often go ignored or unreported.”

1937 The Kheel Center

This comment was by Kari on the post “Why I’m Proud to be a Men’s Rights Feminist”

So You’re Tired of Hearing About “Rape Culture”?


Someone asked me today, “What is ‘rape culture’ anyway? I’m tired of hearing about it.”

Why Do We Demonize Men Who Are Honest About Their Sexual Desires?

Picture 13

Society pressures men to initiate sexual relationships, yet punishes them when they’re candid about their desires. So how can a man express his sexual needs without being tarred as a creep?

Good Men Project and Raising America, with Tom Matlack and Kyra Phillips

Kyra video

The Good Men Project is pleased to announce a partnership with HLN’s new parenting show, Raising America, with hosted by Kyra Phillips.

My Lefty Credentials – A Response to the GMP Controversy

Progressives This Way

Josh Bowman brags about how awesomely left-wing he is and why the Good Men Project needs him.

“This project blows the stereotype of ‘women are the talkers, sharers and emoters’ out of the water.”

photo by amsler pix

This comment-of-the-day was by Eileen on “This Much I Know to Be True”

“Thanks for always taking on awful and tough subjects that no one else dares to mention.”


This is a comment by Leia on the post “This Much I Know To Be True”.