Five Ways The Disney Channel Is Undoing Your Good Parenting

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Dillan DiGiovanni thinks the Disney Channel preteen lineup shows room for improvement. I have some issues with the pre-teen/teen Disney Channel shows. Truth be told, I haven’t spent more than ten minutes watching any single of them but, from those brief encounters, I’ve formed an opinion that they are undoing good parenting and I don’t think kids […]

How Celebrities Work Is Not A Secret


Why freaking out about Miley Cyrus is both pointless and embarrassing.

Can A Dad Take His Daughter Clothes Shopping (and Other Indignities of Modern Dadhood)

Alleged father

J.R. Reed, on a rant about fathers who are treated as second-class parents.

The Brown Eyed Girl

..and a nice long hands holding walk…then find a nice quiet place to *cough* talk The Brown Eyed Girl After reading this you may say, “J.R. this sounds kind of familiar.”  It’s not.  Trust me.  Each lady is unique and special in her own right.  Every woman that I date or have any kind of […]

Leave It All To Me

I will make you change your mind these things happen all the time And it’s all real I’m telling you just how I feel Miranda Cosgrove, AKA, iCarly First off, I know.  It’s iCarly.  I have this whole collection of music to choose from and I pick the theme song from a freakin Nickelodeon show?  […]