Dads With Daughters: Know Your Princesses


Doyin Richards may not like princesses, but he understands the importance of knowing who they are.

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Cinderella Kills in Princess Rap Battle!!!


SMG dons the iconic blue gown for an epic throw down vs. Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. Whitney Avalon (Belle) and her co-writer/co-producer Steve Gossett have made four Princess Rap Battle videos so far, the popular YouTube series has over 25 million hits. Avalon talks about how she got the inspiration for the the first Princess […]

Challenging “Normal”: Why Non-Token Diversity in Kids’ Storytelling Is Important

Challenging “Normal”: Why Non-Token Diversity in Kids’ Storytelling Is Important

Navdeep Singh Dhillon argues that, all too often in books, movies, and TV shows for children, non-white characters are only defined by their “otherness.”

7 Problematic Lessons Disney Movies Teach Boys About Masculinity

7 Problematic Disney

What do Disney movies teach boys about how men and women relate to one another, how love works, and most importantly, what it means to “be a man”?

7 Reasons I Am Allowing My Daughter to Dress as Merida This Halloween

merida costume

As a feminist dad, Ariel Chesler had to think long and hard about whether to let his little girl dress up as a Disney Princess.

The Great List of Things I Can’t Do Because I Only Have Daughters

photo by dottiemae

Mike Reynolds has two girls. People often wonder if he is desperate to have a boy. So, he decided to write a list to see why he might need one.

The Trouble with Princesses: The Strange Case of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman, Princess of the Amazons, Princess Diana of the Amazons, Disney princesses, Wonder Woman Disney princess, The Good Life, Tom Burns, The Good Men Project

Wonder Woman: she’s a princess AND a superhero! So why are there so few children’s books featuring Diana, Princess of the Amazons?

Princess Culture: 2/23


Is daddy’s princess brave and good?

6 Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princesses

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 1.00.50 PM

Tom Burns, father of a princess-crazy little girls, suggests bedtime reading that will make both dad and daughter happy.

Buying Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter


Tom Burns wonders what the hell is wrong with the manufacturers of children’s underwear.

Happily Ever After Happens Every Day, or How I Learned to Love the Disney Sparkle


Disney’s Magic Kingdom wasn’t Christopher Bundy’s first choice destination for a family vacation.