Here’s Why Your Kids AND YOU Need To See Inside Out

inside out

“This is not just a kid’s movie.” says Raymond Bechard. “It explains why we need all our emotions, even the “bad” ones.”

If I Can’t Deliver on Disney Am I a Failure as a Dad?

little boy playing in the pool

Is Disney really the apex of the father-child experience? Or does lots of love and innovation work just as well?

When Did We Start Seeing the End of the World as a Good Thing?


Raymond Bechard looks back to try to discover when and why we lost all hope—and how we can press the ‘reset’ button without annihilating ourselves in the process.

4 Parenting Lessons I Learned From Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

4 Lessons by Sarah Ackerman

Mike Berry doesn’t just watch a movie. He finds the messages every parent needs to hear.

Why Follow your Dreams’ is Terrible Advice

Dream 5

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to follow your dreams. Following my dreams led to years of frustration and dead-ends. My life improved when I gave up on my dreams.

16 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic

Edie Weinstein almost worked herself to death. Now she’s sharing tips to maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The Atlantic Monthly’s Defense of Disney’s Pocahontas is Indefensible


Native Americans often have to contend with depictions of themselves that serve others needs and desires. Debbie Reese responds to The Atlantic Monthly’s latest defense of that practice.

‘Inside Out’ A Film About Change and Growing Up

Inside Out 3 change

A trip down some hard roads on the highway of life This is a film that looks at more than the emotions of a little girl named Riley and how they control her. It looks at life for a kid when they are forced to leave all they know behind and move to a new […]

Spider-Man + Basketball = Amazing

Spiderman Basketball Part 1   YouTube

This video shows that the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” is fierce on the courts.



Alex Yarde & family jump for joy as Disney Interactive announces Disney Infinity 3.0 includes Star Wars™ characters and worlds along with even more Disney and MARVEL!

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Cinderella Kills in Princess Rap Battle!!!


SMG dons the iconic blue gown for an epic throw down vs. Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. Whitney Avalon (Belle) and her co-writer/co-producer Steve Gossett have made four Princess Rap Battle videos so far, the popular YouTube series has over 25 million hits. Avalon talks about how she got the inspiration for the the first Princess […]

Disney/Pixar “Inside Out” Official Trailer #2 (2015)


An extended trailer on Disney/Pixar’s next obsession in my household. Inside Out.

3 Medals, 2 Marathons, 1 Weekend—10 Lessons Learned


Tor Constantino ran both a half marathon and a full marathon this past weekend—he shares some life lessons learned while training.

‘Once Upon a Time’ Is a Different Kind of Fairy Tale

Once 2 fixed

There are no women in distress, and monsters are not so easy to see on this hot TV drama.

Sports Explained: How To Play Football, As Illustrated By a Classic Cartoon

How to Play Football - GMP

What better way to learn how to play football, then to watch Swivel Hips Smith and Taxidermy Tech take on arch-rival, Anthropology A&M?

Hooked On A Feeling- Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

guardiand o the galaxy

Alex Yarde was blown away by Marvel’s summer tent pole movie.