How Our Differences Make Us Whole

Peace on earth or peace in your relationship, both require an appreciation for our differences.

It Is Happening: The Changing Faces of Masculinity

Positive changes can start anywhere and are cumulative. At times, change seems to move like a glacier and at others, it happens in the blink of an eye.

Between Chris Rock & a Hard Place: The Comic’s Oscars Conundrum

Chris Rock only has two choices: boycott the Oscars in solidarity with black pride, or host the show and exert white guilt.

Another Good Year for The Good Men Project

You keep us inspired, hopeful, and willing to have the tough conversations. Join us as we look back on this past year and where we plan to go in 2016.

When I Was a Racist

One man shares how a Facebook conversation changed his life.

See the World through Their Eyes: A Message of Strength

Would you listen to the tiniest of voices if it meant eliminating labels in the world? One organization is on a mission to do just that.

A Refreshing, Transgender Take on the Cinderella Story

Pop’n’Olly, a YouTube channel that provides LGBT educational videos for children, parents, and teachers, has just released a wonderful transgender Cinderella story.

Who is Shaping Notions of “Right” Parent Involvement?

By looking at why certain parent behaviors are appreciated more than others, it’s clear that there are culture, gender, and race biases at play.

What Superheroes Looked Like in 2015

Hint: It’s not what you’re used to.

Santa’s On Your Coke Bottle, but He’s Not Allowed at School

As a society, we need to make a clear distinction between holidays that are secular and religious celebrations. Read: Santa should be allowed at school.

Muslim Student at Auburn puts Campus Creed to the Test

Student and member of Auburn University’s Muslim Student Association offers blind affection, lives by the campus creed.

To My Daughters: You Can Do Better Than the Hate-Filled World We Have Now

With all of the hate speech today, Patrick Sallee wants to talk to his daughters about tolerance and acceptance.

Stereotypes And Hate Speak Are Killing People

Inflammatory rhetoric, unfounded stereotypes and a culture of fear have come together to create a perfect storm of racism and prejudice in society.

The Incredible Whiteness of Technology

Why do Blacks often leave tech companies once they break the glass ceiling? How about “it’s raining glass…

When Ignorant Folks Try to Silence You

We have made the world quite complicated, and racism is part of that complexity.

Respect Isn’t a Zero-Sum Game

Respecting other people is both free…and priceless.