Do You Love My Black Santa Claus?


For kids, it’s the little things that matter. If you do Christmas in any way, Santa’s a pretty influential guy. Why not let him represent all the diversity of the people who love him?

Why a Straight White Man Needs Diverse Entertainment

female soldier in game

This avid gamer, book lover, and father thinks a wider range of characters would make entertainment better, for him, his daughter, and the rest of us.

‘Star Wars,’ Women & Diversity—Is Hollywood Giving Us What We Want?


Shawn Henfling explores the diversity in our favorite films. Is this what we want, or just what Hollywood thinks we want?

The GOP Wedding Dress Ad Fiasco Explained


Having diversity in decision making bodies isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s often the smart thing to do as well.

What’s Blood Got to Do With It?

Credit: Justin Levesque

Co-founder of FOLX, Justin Levesque, discusses using arts to create inclusiveness at the crossroads of illness, masculinity, and identity.

Taking on “That’s So Gay!”


When “that’s so gay” becomes a teachable moment for mom

What Makes You a Man? [video]


The answer to the question depends on who’s talking.

The Mills Of The Gods : Marvel Making Positive Changes


Alex Yarde looks at Marvel’s recent diversity moves with cautious optimism.

Google Needs To Take The Lead In Changing Tech’s Diversity Challenge

Google Needs To Take The Lead In Changing Tech’s Diversity Challenge

Dr. Vibe asks Sherman Mays about what Google should do change the lack of diversity in its employee ranks.

There is Good News About Somalia

Theres good news about somalia HIRDA Somalia:Flickr

Social Justice Editor Wilhelm Cortez talks about his experience working with students from Somalia.

Justice Versus Equality, Simplified

Balance  Da4Sal/Flickr

What does equality really look like? Does it appear any different when compared to justice?

Support #DadsRead and #WeNeedDiverseBooks Because Reading to Your Kids Is FUN

Support #DadsRead and #WeNeedDiverseBooks Because Reading to Your Kids Is FUN

Navdeep Singh Dhillon loves reading with his kids and praises recent campaigns that encourage fathers to seek out enriching and unique reading experiences with their kids.

The Unbearable Whiteness of National Public Radio


One member of the ‘Barbershop’ wonders how NPR could have been so short-sighted as to cancel the critically-praised show ‘Tell Me More’, hosted by Michel Martin.

Call for Submissions: LGBT Pride Month – The Stories of Older Men

older-men-Carolyn Ludden

We’re looking for gay, bisexual, and transgender men 40+ to tell their stories, to celebrate who they are and where they’ve come from, to share what they’ve learned and where they’re going.

Call for Submissions: LGBT Pride and LGBT Book Month

National LGBT Pride Month, National LGBT Book Month

We’re looking for gay, bi-sexual, and transgender youth to tell their stories; to embrace this month by celebrating their sexual identity and gender identification, sharing how gender diversity is a gift, and reinforcing that sexual orientation and gender identity are inherent.