Practicing a Deep Intercultural Understanding

Practicing a Deep by fady habib

Raoul Wieland ponders living a life in which diversity, tolerance, and unity become realities instead of dreams.

Ode to a Father Figure

Ode to a Father Figure by Roland Tanglao

On Father’s Day, Diane Sears remembers one of the men who raised her.

Why Traditional Manhood is Killing Us


How men define manhood can mean the difference between a good life or a lonely death.

How Branding 101 Can Make Leaders More Mindful of Diversity

branding and diversity

Not in terms of the Kardashian-style “personal brands” in vogue these days, but by using the practice’s core principles to make leaders better and more mindful of diversity.

Love Has No Labels

Love Has No Labels by Ad Council

Watch what happens when the skeletons step out from behind the screen.

Negotiating for Cessation of Persecution of LGBT People in Iran


It’s no secret, the LGBT community faces adversity world-wide. Not the least of which places, Iran.

You’re Gonna Watch This Commercial Over and Over Again. I Swear.

Surya and Roscoe

Unlikely animal BFFs and a message of inclusion? Sign me up.

How My Doctor Taught Me to Interrupt Racism in its Tracks

How My Doctor Taught Me to Interrupt Racism in its Tracks

The Day My Doctor Called Me a Sp*c

10 Things Americans Need to Do in 2015 to Create Equality

AP photo

Billy Flood wants America to be the country it can be, that it wants to be. One of true freedom and equality.

(Video) #Multiculturalism vs. #WomensRights: via Irshad Manji


#MoralCourage founder Irshad Manji says its time for multiculturalism to evolve

The Journey of My Cultural Identity

Luke Park

Luke Park, Korean-Canadian, shows us how embracing your authenticity through diversity can lead to more humanity!

Do You Love My Black Santa Claus?

santa ornament

For kids, it’s the little things that matter. If you do Christmas in any way, Santa’s a pretty influential guy. Why not let him represent all the diversity of the people who love him?

Why a Straight White Man Needs Diverse Entertainment

female soldier in game

This avid gamer, book lover, and father thinks a wider range of characters would make entertainment better, for him, his daughter, and the rest of us.

‘Star Wars,’ Women & Diversity—Is Hollywood Giving Us What We Want?


Shawn Henfling explores the diversity in our favorite films. Is this what we want, or just what Hollywood thinks we want?