When You Come From a Culture That Does Not See Men Holding Hands as Gay, but You, In Fact Are

This is about men holding hands. In India, where I grew up, men showing affection this way was common and not construed as homosexual activity. I look back on how I interpreted this social action differently and how it has shaped me today as a gay man.

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Why Donald Trump Makes Me Appreciate the Men in My Life

Yasmina Blackburn talks about Donald Trump’s candidacy as the next US President, and how it has helped to shape her view of men as a Muslim living in America.

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‘From invisible to inevitable…’ Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity Ceremony Winner & Keynote Speech

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I’m a male feminist. But here is what I am not…

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Can a two-minute video of skeletons dancing teach us more about love than society can?

How Our Differences Make Us Whole

Peace on earth or peace in your relationship, both require an appreciation for our differences.