Living With Gratitude At Year’s End

Gratitude makes life bearable.

The year is quickly coming to a close. Dr. Steve suggests giving yourself a year-end gift and make a list of everything for which you are grateful.

I Am Divine, You Are Divine, We Are All Divine, But There Was Only One Divine!


We all have the spark of Divine within us, but we have to be willing to show it to the world and that is an admittedly terrifying thing to do.

What’s Your Favourite WTF(!) Cover Song?


Sometimes–when the alchemy is just right–an artist you would NEVER expect can take an old classic and turn it into something utterly sublime.

7 Suprisingly Simple Ways to Meet the Divine and Feel Inspired

God sees you

Theologian Mark Bowness used to look for God in church. Then he discovered evidence of the creator in ordinary, everyday events.

“Don’t ‘ravish us’ because you read it in an online magazine, let us see your true sexuality.”


This is a comment by LynnBeisner on the post “A Call to the Sacred Masculine: Ten Daring Invitations From the Divine Feminine”.

A Call to the Sacred Masculine: Ten Daring Invitations From the Divine Feminine

goddess statue

If I am going act like a goddess, I want a man who acts like a god.

Movies: Phylicia Rashad, Rosie Perez Get Divine in Gods Behaving Badly

Two cultural icons become Greek goddesses in an adaptation of the best-selling Marie Phillips novel.