7 Things Every Single Dad Needs to Know

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When Gay Dads Divorce

Many gay men never thought they would see the day they could marry and have children. Gays With Kids writer David Toussaint tells the story of some who also never thought they would end up divorced raising kids alone.

Father, My Father: Forgiving My Dad and Myself on Father’s Day

And as I forgive my father for his loss of control and family, for the divorce, and for not taking care of himself long enough to see me and my kids. Today, I forgive him, but I am also learning to forgive myself for the failure of my marriage.

Letting Him Move On

Even when it’s for the best parting affects deeply. Miguel Perez shares a moment, and a lifetime with us.

Soft Boy to Sensitive Man: the Changing Requirements of Masculinity

I was really afraid inside. I was terrified that someone would see that underneath the strong armor I was a wimp.

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