Redefining My Soulmate


Are we still looking for love in all the wrong places?

10 Obvious Signs of Emotionally Abusive Relationships

10 Obvious Signs by maxvideoxz

If you’re experiencing these dynamics in your relationship, you’re dealing with emotional abuse.

The Risk in Not Listening to Your Partner


Disconnection can hide if you don’t listen and watch for it—until suddenly the fracture is beyond repair.

Your “Perfect Partner” Isn’t Supposed To Be Perfect

perfect partner

What if the imperfections of your partner made them perfectly qualified to be exactly what you need and want?

A Friend Isn’t Always Forever and That’s OK


Some friendships just weren’t meant to last, but that doesn’t mean we should see them as a “waste of time.”

How to Make Divorce Easier on Your Kids

How to by Matt Preston

Divorce can hit your kids hard. These four tips from Jenny Kanevsky—who is in the process with her two boys—can help your kids fare better during challenging times.

5 Subtle Signs Your Marriage Is in Crisis

5 Signs by Bart Everson

“But I have a great marriage.” Think again. Mike Berry looks behind the façade for cracks that show your marriage is crumbling.

The Dangerous Appeal of Dysfunctional Partners

Why Dysfunctional by Quinn Dombrowski

Thomas Fiffer explains the exceptional draw and destructive impact of partners who are determined to change you.

10 Things Kids Need When Parents Divorce

kids and divorce

While you are moving through your emotional pain, you also need to remember that your children did nothing to cause your divorce and therefore should be shielded from your “animosity” towards one another.

Building Intimate Relationships That Last

Building Intimate by Michael Coghlan

Thomas Fiffer talks relationships with Rick Gabrielly on “The Marriage Boss” podcast.

Why I Divorced The Woman I’m Still Crazy About

Monica Serge

We ended our toxic marriage, but I just couldn’t let go.

4 Difficulties of Being Alone in a Partnered World


What is it about being alone that is so difficult?

100 Words on Love: Unbreakable Bond

baby bond dad

You keep us all bonded in love eternally.

10 Ways Children Of Divorce See Love and Marriage Differently


So … you’re in love with a child of divorce, are you?

7 Ways to Get Back to Being ‘In Love’


Have you ever said, “I love her, but I’m not in love with her”? Here’s how to get back in love again.

Don’t Give up Dad!


5 challenges to men facing divorce