Raising a Son When All of Your Role Models Have Failed You

mom and son on playground

Stopping the cycle of abuse is one challenge, but a bigger challenge is knowing how to raise a son when the men in your life are abusers.

Discussions About Death; It’s an Act of Kindness

mother and son on the beach

Meditating on our own death might seem morbid, but it is responsible and loving.

How to Find—and Stay on—the Bright Side When Life Sucks and You’re in Free Fall


Lots of people were unhappy. But inside my failing rocket, our little trio, laughed, celebrated, and jumped on the trampoline.

James: Showing Up for My Kids

Coach James.

Welcome to Portraits in Fatherhood: We’re telling the story of today’s dads.

5 Things to Do Before Getting Married to Improve Your Odds of Staying Married

5 Things to Do by Jean L

Before you set a date, register for gifts, and send out the wedding invitations, add these 5 things to your to-do list—if you want your marriage to go the distance.

Burning the Pages of the Divorce Playbook

burning the pages of divorce playbook

As the concept of starting relationships evolves in the 21st Century, the same is true for ending them.

Will Prioritizing my Son’s Emotional Well-Being Emasculate Him?

boy walking

When we give special consideration to our children’s emotional health are we taking care of girls, but coddling our boys?

A Divorce Habit From the Middle Ages Continues


January tends to be chock full of Divorces. Frederik Pedersen tells us why.

5 Ways to Know She’s in It for the Right Reasons


Even if you think she might be “the one,” how do you know if she’s committed to you?

How To Respond When A Child Wants To Live With The Other Parent


Generally, custody and residency decisions are better left up to parents. But at times, parents may be swayed by their children’s preferences.

The 15-Minute Rule for Lasting Relationships

The 15-Minute by numb3r

William Wright shares his simple secret to 35 years of happy marriage.

I’m a Broken-Hearted Guy Who Writes About My Failed Marriage. Are You Entertained?


Serge Bielanko just wants complete strangers to tell him that he’ll be OK. Who doesn’t want that?

A Divorce Proposal? Why Not?

marriage proposal

Sometimes doing the “right thing” means ending it. But why not do it as honorably and as honestly as possible?

6 Secrets of a Happy Second Marriage

wedding day

Second marriages offer special challenges, but really, these tips apply to any long-term committed relationship.

Co-Parenting vs. Parallel Parenting With an Abusive Ex

dad child shadow

Studies are beginning to show that co-parenting in divorce caused by domestic abuse doesn’t work and may cause further abuses. Is Parallel Parenting a better choice?

Thriving After Divorce: 6 Lifehacks Along the Recovery Process


After the split, get right with yourself before partnering again.