Let’s Devour the Dead Beat Dad!

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Ready for lunch? Today’s blue plate special is the stereotype of the dead beat dad.

Does Sincerity Matter?


I thought showing sincerity and kindness, along with openly expressing my love for my daughters after divorce would be enough. I was wrong.

What Was the Best Toy That Got Away?


Slade Grayson asks, “What’s the one childhood toy that you really wanted, but didn’t get?”

Why I’m Very Nice To My Ex-Husband’s New Wife


Tara Ellison says that having a child in the divorce equation makes the obligation to keep things amicable stronger.

7 Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Appreciated: The Obvious and Not so Obvious.

Share Your Knowledge

Steven Lake reminds of us of the ways we can appreciate our partner, even when the world conspires to make us lose sight of what we have.

Why Father’s Rights is a Win for Women’s Rights


Mark Greene believes that freeing women from the domestic sphere while supporting men to enter that sphere is a win/win.

Can Divorce Be an Act of Love? One Man’s Perspective

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Love and Divorce are as closely related as Love and Marriage, and both can and should be done well.

Divorce is Not About What’s Fair, Let’s Get That Straight


I had been heading towards 50/50 parenting or bust. I had made my case for how much care I had provided in the past, and how much care I was willing to provide as a single dad.

When Leaving Seems Impossible …

When Leaving Seems by Kate Ter Haar

For partners stuck in dysfunctional relationships, Thomas Fiffer offers a roadmap for getting out.

Father, My Father: Forgiving My Dad and Myself on Father’s Day

Father's Day 2014 - The Whole Parent

And as I forgive my father for his loss of control and family, for the divorce, and for not taking care of himself long enough to see me and my kids. Today, I forgive him, but I am also learning to forgive myself for the failure of my marriage.

The Next Chapter: Reading with My Sons During My Divorce

The Next Chapter: Reading with My Sons During My Divorce

During a difficult time, Ben Railton struggled to share one of his favorite childhood books with his sons, a reading experience that bonded them in unexpected ways.

When Will Men Receive Equality in Custody Cases?

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Mark Henricks breaks down the numbers to examine where fathers stand in child custody cases, and ask when equality will happen.

I’m Gretchen


Robert Marrow tries to understand why his wife left him to marry someone else by recreating the story in her words.

Being Married to Someone Who Hates You

Married to Someone Who Hates You photo by

Bob Marrow looks at the stages of his marriage and how the pieces of it all connect to a larger story.

What I Learned About My Ex-Wife After My Daughter’s College Graduation

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A lesson in what people think when they panic.

Stepping Up To The Plate


John Vaughn shares how a sport helped him cope with his parents divorce, facilitated a relationship with his step-father, and made him a better person.