Why Do Women Say They Want a Nice Guy if They Fall for Jerks?

He’s a nice guy, but women only like him when he treats them like crap. Can he be a nice guy and still get the girl? ___   Hi Sandy, I’m 36, divorced six years, and I have four kids. I enjoy being single—riding my motorcycle, hanging out with friends, coming and going as I please, and […]

How to Keep Sanity in Loneliness

If you exist in a social void, don’t continue this situation, it endangers your sanity.

Learn All You Can Through Your Challenges

Challenges are a normal part of everyday life. As you overcome them, gain as much knowledge as you can from the challenges.

5 Things You Will Regret as a Divorced Parent

Getting divorced may be the best or the only choice you can make, but some regrets may come into focus in hindsight.

The Four Reasons Relationships Fail

Did you just break up with someone? Chances are, it’s for one (or more) of these four reasons cited by emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry.

3 Ways Story Can Help You be a Better Dad

Stories hold power. It’s an undisputed fact. Expertly told, a good story can send us soaring to the heights of triumph or drop us into a pit of ugly-crying despair.

I’m Clueless. Why Do Women Dump Me?

He honestly has no idea why women left him, cheated, lied and disappeared. Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert, sees the reason as clear as day…

Don’t Believe in Yourself

Studying personal development many times, I encountered the advice “Believe in yourself.” This advice was totally not applicable in my case and here’s why.

Five Ways to Date the Love of Your Life on a Budget

How guys can make their love feel like a million bucks without breaking the budget.

5 Hurdles Keeping Guys From Fully Living Life

To get there–to get to your “dream life” or whatever truly living means to you–it starts with overcoming the hurdles that have or may be holding you back.

12 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

The greatest successes are the ones who left what was comfortable and stepped out into what was unknown.

If Today is the Day

If today is your day. Or mine. What will you change? How will you treat those around you? What will you spend your moments on?

How To Do Divorce Without Wrecking Your Children

No one really loves divorce, but it’s still happening and much of the time it really should happen. Yet, you don’t have to damage your kids in the process.

Why Fathers Should Spend Time With Their Daughters

From a daughter to any father that may be reading this, I hope you read this and are touched enough to at least ask your daughter to dinner, lunch, breakfast, even a trip to Disney.

Guys, It Isn’t Too Late, Infidelitygate Can Be Avoided

The biggest threat to your relationship is living in your home; it’s you. Here’s how to defend your main asset against yourself.

4 Simple, Yet Profound Things Women Want From Men

Although these qualities can sometimes be hard to come by, they are qualities of which every man is capable.