A Motivational Dad Struggles: How Do I Thrill My Brilliant Son About College?

Bill Douglas is motivational divorced dad who has inspired hundreds. He may be up against his greatest challenge: his son. How can he help the young man he admires most reach his full potential? Oh yeah, and the ex is not exactly helping.

Divorce and the Goodbye Monday Blues

One day things seem okay and the next day the universe is split in two: time with your kids and time without them. I’ll take what I can get and do the best I can in that time. The rest is up to me.

Taking Dad for Granted After Divorce

My well-to-do middle class ex-wife and my two healthy and happy kids live in one of the best neighborhoods in one of the best cities in the country and go to the best public school available. There is nothing my kids have missed out on for lack of money.

The Hero’s Journey of a Divorced Dad

Anger breeds anger. Resentment and sharp jabs only builds more need for retaliation. If you can focus on the love and support of your children you can forgive and forget your ex-partner all together.

The Long Tail of Parenting and Custody After Divorce

I’d love more time with my kids. But… I am okay with the time I have with my teenagers. In the time I do have with them I know I am the best dad they could ever have.

The Game of Divorce

I lost the Game of Divorce in a big way. Not because I didn’t play. And not because I didn’t ask for what I thought was “in the best interest of the kids” and FAIR. I lost because that’s the way the game is stacked against the fathers today.

Dating a Divorced Dad – Version 2.0

Go for 100%. Don’t settle for an almost relationship because you are lonely. That’s the time you need to take more interest in yourself and what you are doing to become a more attractive and delicious partner.

The Four Secrets About Setting Boundaries That Will Return You to Happiness as a Divorced Dad

Setting boundaries is not easy, and most men avoid it. Bill Douglas tells you four secrets about them that will help you regain control of your life.

A Step-Mom Wants Dedicated Dads to Continue to Fight for Their Kids, Even Against Hope

In divorce, the arrangements for kids can be tough. One step-mom encourages dads to hang in, even when things get tough.

How Can I Help My Girlfriend Accept My Son?

His girlfriend can only see his ex when she looks at his son.

A Displaced Dad Deals With the Harsh Reality of Being “the Other Father”

Adrian Manuel loves being a dad. What he doesn’t love is the fight to stay relevant in his child’s life.

5 Things You Will Regret as a Divorced Parent

Getting divorced may be the best or the only choice you can make, but some regrets may come into focus in hindsight.

A Dad’s Divorce Blog: Looking for the Good Along the Journey

John McElhenney explores his need to write his way though his divorce and reveals to his readers the healing taking place along the journey.

A Single Dad Discovers 5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Live a Longer and Healthier Life

After his divorce, Matt Sweetwood feared his life was over. Had his lifestyle choices continued, it would have been. He shares how he worked his way back to health.

A Quick-Start Guide for the Divorcing Dad: The Off Times

At the beginning of a divorce things are often emotional and fast. This primer will help you understand the big issues you are facing.

A Stay-at-Home-Dad Turns Into Something He Never Expected — an Author

Sands Hetherington explains how going from a 9-5 to staying home with his son ended up leading him to his current career.