Yes, Men Really Are Hard-Wired to Cheat, but So Are Women

Of course, that doesn’t mean cheating is OK or that monogamy is impossible.

You Don’t Need Permission To Heal

Stop asking permission to heal. Free yourself from fear and doubt. ––– I considered the phrase from the simple implications of the word permission and found myself recoiling from this word. Speaking with a friend the other night, this phrase entered the conversation: “permission to heal.” At first, I considered it from the perspective of self permission. For sure, I […]

Let’s Argue About Something

Ken Goldstein wants to argue—-but also wants to know the point of the argument.

Before I Was Me

RudyDeuceTruth questions “before I was me” and journeys through DNA and our shared humanity.

Love is Thicker Than Blood

Phillip Chesnut was asked this question by his wife, “If you were sterile and not able to conceive a child, but I could, would you want to utilize a sperm donor or just adopt?” Why was it so difficult for him to answer?

Weirdly Mind-boggling Mathematical Proof That You Are Awesome: 1,048,576 Reasons

Jacob Nordby submits irrefutable proof that you hold the secret code for something awesome in this world. Can you find a flaw in his logic?

Do You Really Have an Influence On Your Kids?

You may think you know the answer, but Mike Crider suggests the answer may not be as compelling as we think.

Court Clerk Fired For Helping Inmate Secure DNA Test That Proved His Innocence

Robert Nelson spent 25 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and would still be there if a 70-year-old court clerk had not broken the rules to help him.

Supreme Court Rules DNA Can Be Taken From Arrestees Without a Warrant

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled it was legal for a DNA swab to be taken from anyone arrested for a serious crime.

Mississippi Supreme Court Denies Death Row Inmate DNA Testing of Evidence

According to Andrew Cohen of the Atlantic, “the specters of racial bias, a faulty confession and untested scientific evidence have haunted this case.”

Dudes, You Started Out As Girls. Fun Video Explains How!

Find out in a minute and a half about how we all start out as female with this awesome science video.

Adam Lanza’s DNA to Be Analyzed

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., people want answers and some think they may be locked away in Adam Lanza’s genes.

Man Released From Death Row After DNA Proves Innocence

300 men have been exonerated, but how many more have been wrongly convicted?

20 Dads Share Their Favorite Children’s Books

What books do you enjoy reading with your children?

Why Do Men Have a Hard Time Handing Things Over To God?

If pride truly cometh before the fall then we need a strong harness and a good helmet.

Could Scientists Have Found a Possible Cure for AIDS/HIV?

As breakthroughs go, finding a cure for AIDS would be pretty high on the list, and that’s what Berlin doctors believe they have achieved.