We Both Had Cancer. He Died. I Lived.

A father-son story.

Heart-Wrenching Photo of Doctor Crying Goes Viral. Here’s Why.

Crying is considered unprofessional in the medical profession. Why, then, does this photo capture our hearts?

Let’s Hear it for the Boys

A peek behind the urological privacy curtain

Blood Money

Evaluating the choices we make and the people around us. One drop at a time.

I Was About to Fall Through The Cracks. But This One Man Wouldn’t Let Me.

Ground Zero can be a wonderful place to start — How Dr. Mark Goulston became “heartfelt”.

Why Fat-Shaming By Doctors Really, Really Matters

Between 210,000 and 440,000 people die every year as a result of preventable hospital mistakes. How many of those are casualties of weight bias?

Going Downhill With My Father

For Mike Copperman, a family hike turned into a realization of the roles he and his father share in each other’s lives.

The Impossible Male O and Why You Don’t Ask Doctors about Sex

The medical establishment is probably the last place to seek reliable information about mind-blowing sex. You already have everything you need to experience it right now.

How One Amazing Doctor (Who Didn’t Fat-Shame Me) Changed Everything

OR: A brief history of why I hated doctors for so long, and why I finally stopped.

Former Foster Child Beat Odds, Heads to UCLA Medical School on Full Scholarship

Beating the system: Festus Ohan’s story shines through the stereotypes.

“Today my niece is such a normal, healthy, rambunctious first grader, that it is hard to believe she ever got off to such a fragile start.”

This comment by KatyD on the post A Dad Documents His Premature Son’s First Year of Life

Postcards from a Birth Story

Steve Edwards recalls in postcard-sized vignettes the strangeness, humor, and grace leading up to the birth of his son.

The Day I Found My Voice: Becoming the Father My Family Needed

Steve Edwards argues that the day he became an advocate for his son’s undiagnosed medical problems was the day he truly became a father.

Have We Lost the Art of Medicine?

An experienced caregiver shares three tips for injecting humanity into an often cold & arbitrary heath-care system

A Thankful Video: From Amazing Kids With Heart Defects

This is what thankful looks like.

Miscarriages: A Father’s Perspective

Eric Shapiro went through a miscarriage with his wife. He would like to be able to talk about it.