Interview with ‘I Am Thalente’ Filmmaker Natalie Johns

Alex Yarde’s interview with the director of the inspiring documentary “i am Thalente”—Natalie Johns. — I wrote about this remarkable film “i am Thalente“—read it and view the trailer here. I recently had the opportunity to speak in depth with Director Natalie Johns and star Thalente Biyela. i am Thalente is the story about Thalente Biyela (pronounced […]

Bullying is a Self-Perpetuating Spiral that Affects Us All

Can we shift our conversations about bullying, gun violence, and mental health in a more compassionate and objective direction?

Mass Incarceration and the Modern Challenge of Raising Good Men

“For the people, by the people,” but we need the people!

The Wrecking Crew – It’s Time to Sing the Unsung Heroes

What do Glen Campbell, Leon Russell, Hal Blain, and Ray Pohlman have in common?

100 Words on Love: Return to Vietnam

He was shot 7 times by Americans. No one had apologized for what they had done.

Forced Into Silence in the City

The Forced Into Silence team has been working really hard to make this documentary happen.

In the Director’s Chair of Forced Into Silence

Dr. Vibe helps us get to know La Shawn Pagán and the journey of making Forced Into Silence.

Forced Into Silence Viewer Participation

La Shawn Pagán has another serious question she wants you to consider about Forced Into Silence.

What Happens to Men Affects Women

We are starting conversation about the serious issue of abuse and violence, because the abuse of men affects women too.

Opening the Door on Abuse of Men

Forced Into Silence, a documentary in progress, is presenting the first clip that starts the conversation about the abuse of men.

Forced Into Silence

Is it possible for extreme forms of abuse to happen and for no one to know about it?

An Idea for a Film Scribbled on a Prison Napkin: An Interview With Rahman Moore

Rahman Moore, independent filmmaker, spoke with Savas Abadsidis about drug laws, rap music and how he got his start making films.

At Night I Fly: The Good Life Introduces Spoon Jackson, a Poet Behind Bars

Spoon Jackson writes from prison of the freedom he enjoys as he flies: ‘My heart pounds behind no chest.’

Guarding Charlie

Sergeant Major Franklin Dennis Jones spent 77 days at an army base that was continuously bombarded by the North Vietnamese. And Julie Richardson is shooting a film about it.

Erik Proulx on Fox 25

Proulx talks about what it’s like being a father of two after growing up without a father himself.