Yonkers Born Filmmaker Brings a Taste of Arthur Avenue in His Film

Dante Liberatore took it in his own hands to document the authenticity of Abondanza before it disappears, and here’s how.

Why Michael Moore Gets on My Nerves

What has Michael Moore done to the documentary genre?

Six Years On: The Enduring Influence of J.D. Salinger

How J. D. Salinger’s writing first influenced the world and how it continues to do so now.

How Gay Love Has Existed Through Out History

Think gay couples are a modern invention? Think again.

Five Searing Documentary Movies Every Man Should Watch

Author Jay Cradeur Shares Five Powerful, Educational, Introspective, Fascinating And Compelling Documentaries That Will Challenge You.

‘Life in a Walk’ Takes a Son and His Dad on an Amazing Journey

The movie takes audiences on a beautiful two week trek in Portugal that is full of life lessons and a lot of fun There are few movies that all men can relate to coming out these days. Many of them are targeted at particular age groups or different types of men. But there are some movies […]

What Does Life After God Sound and Look Like?

Where can we go when we give up the life of belief? A Year Without God: The Film‘s Ryan Bell has started a new venture, the website and podcast Life After God that focuses on counseling—and preaching to—the former congregation. — Where do believers go when their faith has run out? Is there a place […]

‘He Named Me Malala’ Shows How Strong One Voice Can Be

The amazing true story of how one girl stood up for something that she believes is right There is something in America that most people take for granted and this includes people like me. That is access to a good education. For people like me growing up there was no question I was going to graduate […]

What About The Men?

Family lawyer and men’s advocate David Pisarra aims to shine a light on the hidden side of domestic violence.

Meet The Subway Singer Behind One Of The UK’s Biggest Dance Hits

Damon C. Scott’s underground story that is changing music and lives.

The Heartbreaking Toll of War on Men Who Soldier

The documentary “Of Men and War” drives home the stark juxtaposition between the traumatic lives of veterans with PTSD compared with men who benefit from their bravery.

The Great, and Calming, Buck Brannaman

He Gentles Horses. He Can Transform Your Kids—And Yourself

Living Life: Just Breathe

When we breathe in, we are breathing in the laughter, tears, victories, passions, thoughts, memories, existence, and the joys of life.

New Documentary Puts the Visibility in Invisible Illness One Story at a Time

Sami Jankins provides the first look at a documentary, Invisible: The Film, seeking to bring to light the many faces of invisible illness and chronic pain.

Free Running: The Art of Fluid Movement

It’s an unusual street sport that’s gaining in popularity.