To Be Takei shows George Takei to be more inspiring than we know


Dillan DiGiovanni reviews To Be Takei, a documentary of the inspiring life of actor, George Takei

Do These Juggalos Have Society Figured Out?

juggalo by Sean Dunne

The Insane Clown Posse and why lifestyle stereotypes are dangerous.

If Men are What They Eat, This Video Might Impress You

If men are what they eat

A ballet of Chickens, Cows and Pigs in a stunning documentary which explores the many wonders of the world.

If a Single Film Could Change the Way We Raise Boys, It Might Just Be This One

boy 2

For many boys across America, living up to male stereotypes, burying emotions and feeling alone is the norm. “The Mask You Live In” is trying to crush this problem by confronting it head on.

Deep Thoughts on ‘Tiny Houses’: Why the Small House Movement Isn’t For Me


A documentary about the tiny house movement caused Pat Brothweel to have a mini-existential crisis . The epiphany that followed is far less dramatic than any writer could hope for.

Sriracha Has Its Own Movie Now


Jarad Dewing awards the Oscar for “Best Hot Sauce in a Dramatic Role” to… Sriracha.

It’s the Ice, Stupid: The Art and Science of Climate Change


The issue of climate change is so large it can be lost to abstractions. Ice may be the key we need to regain our perspective on reality.

Pretty Rad For A Dad by Murray Galbraith – Kickstarter Campaign


Campaign seeks to profile dads from all walks of life to create a snapshot of contemporary fatherhood.

‘Living Dolls’ a Unique Look at Doll Obsession

Living Dolls David Hockey with Bianca at sunset

From Drag Queen Ken to doll robot porn, Living Dolls covers the world of doll collecting.

Albania – The Women Who Live as Men

Shkurtan Malaj, Sworn Virgin

As modern society sweeps in, old ways are dying out, and the tradition of these “man-women” may soon be a thing of the past.

I’m Sorry I’m Not Light-Skinned

photo by massimo_riserbo

Alex Holmes is appalled by descriptive phrases like ‘black or black black?’ It assumes a light-skinned supremacy and a hierarchy of racism.

You Have My Word

bully documentary imbd

After watching the movie Bully, Larry Bernstein vows to do everything he can to help stop bullying. What will you do?

Should Pot Be Legalized? (Video)

pot fight

Finally, a sensible debate on the legalization of pot

The Mask You Live In: Engaging the Masks Men Wear to Prove Themselves (Video)


Are boys and men are constantly trying to prove their masculinity? How can we, as a society, re-define masculinity so that boys and men can feel comfortable being themselves?

A Band Called Death: Race And Rock-N-Roll in 1970′s Detroit

Band Called Death

A new documentary—part rockumentary, part family saga—tells the story of three black brother from Detroit, MI who, in 1971, before the Ramones and the Sex Pistol, started a punk-rock-band.

WWRPD? What Would Ryan Phillips Do?

Ryan Phillips and Somaly Mann

Ryan Phillips thought his life had ended when he was caught smuggling a large amount of marijuana into the United States. Turns out, it had only just begun.