‘He Named Me Malala’ Shows How Strong One Voice Can Be

The amazing true story of how one girl stood up for something that she believes is right There is something in America that most people take for granted and this includes people like me. That is access to a good education. For people like me growing up there was no question I was going to graduate […]

What About The Men?

Family lawyer and men’s advocate David Pisarra aims to shine a light on the hidden side of domestic violence.

Meet The Subway Singer Behind One Of The UK’s Biggest Dance Hits

Damon C. Scott’s underground story that is changing music and lives.

The Heartbreaking Toll of War on Men Who Soldier

The documentary “Of Men and War” drives home the stark juxtaposition between the traumatic lives of veterans with PTSD compared with men who benefit from their bravery.

The Great, and Calming, Buck Brannaman

He Gentles Horses. He Can Transform Your Kids—And Yourself

Living Life: Just Breathe

When we breathe in, we are breathing in the laughter, tears, victories, passions, thoughts, memories, existence, and the joys of life.

New Documentary Puts the Visibility in Invisible Illness One Story at a Time

Sami Jankins provides the first look at a documentary, Invisible: The Film, seeking to bring to light the many faces of invisible illness and chronic pain.

Free Running: The Art of Fluid Movement

It’s an unusual street sport that’s gaining in popularity.

The Forgotten Community: The Gypsy People Called ‘Roma’

It’s a documentary that brings to light a community that has largely been forgotten.

Crips on Camera: We’re a Documentary

Andrew Morrison-Gurza talks about what it means for people with disabilities to see/hear their stories on the big screen.

Going Dark: The Final Days of Film Projection

It’s another nail in the coffin of Hollywood’s Golden Era.

‘Life Itself’. The Review.

The legendary film critic Roger Ebert is remembered in the documentary ‘Life Itself’. You will also remember this fantastic review of the film by Eric Shapiro.

Dr Vibe Puts Marc Hudson in the Director’s Chair

Marc Hudson, the director of 100 conversations, talks about about men, fatherhood, divorce, and custody.

Let’s Devour the Dead Beat Dad!

Ready for lunch? Today’s blue plate special is the stereotype of the dead beat dad.

Human Trafficking Supplies a Demand

There are 2.4 million people trafficked worldwide, 17,500 into the U.S.A. Every year. The hearts of men must change if we are to end human trafficking.