Cougars, Cat Woman, & Cat Ladies! Where Are The Cat Men?

If our beloved pets can defy gender stereotypes, shouldn’t we be able to do the same?

Take the Whole Bird: 3 Lessons Learned From the Dog Stealing the Thanksgiving Turkey

Know what you want, go for it, always appreciate your wins. Most of all, don’t settle for scraps.

It’s A Ruff Life But You Can Make A Difference

Rita would be grateful if you made a contribution to the Operation Houston Fund that will go to help her homeless friends still on the street:

A Tribute to Man’s Best Friend

Brian Whitney reflects on love, loss, and the twists and turns of life on the passing of his pet.

The Secret Lives of Sea Slaves: The New Threat to Modern Slavery

Are man’s instincts becoming so blurred that we’re contributing to human trafficking? Former Secretary of State John Kerry sheds light on a new threat to modern slavery.

Are Dogs More Decent Than People?

Barbara Abramson thinks humans can learn a few lessons from man’s best friends.

His Dogs Saved His Life. Can Yours Do The Same For You?

Shawn Henfling looks back at the effect his dogs have had on his own mental health.

My Dog’s Butt Is Tormenting Me And Maybe Ruining My Marriage

I am on my knees in 15-degree weather scrubbing poop from the sidewalk, and I have an epiphany of sorts — I do not want this dog.

When You See Who Did It You Will Laugh Out Loud

Another day in the life of a 21st century man.

One Baby And Her Dog

Throughout pregnancy, we had friends and family continually ask us how we think our dog, Dax, will be when the little bundle of joy arrives into the world.

A Man’s Best Friend—and His Dance Partner, Too

This shirtless guy loves hip hop, and his dancing dog does, too!

A Dog and His Man Travel America—And Find Each Other

‘Travels With Casey’ is a brilliant, funny, heartwarming book about an epic journey across America and the dogs (and men) Benoit and Casey met in the process.

A Guy Barks at Dogs. Watch How The Dogs React.

Hint: Hilariously.

Does Owning Dogs Prepare You For Raising Kids?

Expecting dad Robert Graves wonders if being a longtime dog owner has made him more prepared to become a parent than non-dog owners

A Letter to the Woman Walking Her Dog in My Neighborhood

A young woman out with her dog inspires Jeff Bogle to think about female body image, wet hair, and his hopes and dreams for his daughters

VIDEO BREAK: Dogs Shaking Off Water + Super Slow Mo = Hilarious

State of the art high speed video and good natured soaking wet dogs shaking off. Say goodbye the the finer social graces for a few mesmerizing minutes.