I May Have Saved A Life


Jonathan Bane comes head to head with seeing signs of domestic violence, and makes a choice.

Domestic Violence is Gender Blind: A Lesson Learned From Hope


United States Women’s Soccer Goalkeeper Hope Solo’s alleged actions of domestic violence elicits an imbalanced reaction compared to violence against women.


How to Leave a Partner Who Is Bad for You


William Mize explains how to safely and confidently leave an unfulfilling or damaging relationship.

The NFL Falls Flat on Domestic Violence Once Again

George McCaskey

Ray McDonald’s latest incidents with the law further proves the NFL’s main priorities are winning and money, everything else is a distant last.

Beyond the Abuser

Beyond the Abuser by Paolo Cuttitta

Matthew Facciani looks at how our culture provides barriers for domestic violence survivors and what we can do about it.

Hidden Heroes: How a Call to Pizza Hut Saved a Life

no more

This PSA about domestic violence may look like a prank call, but it’s the reason Cheryl Treadway is alive today.

Why Floyd Mayweather Loses Even When He Wins

Money Manuel

All of the virtues in the world are not going to win this fight. Jesus isn’t going to make sure Manny wins just because he likes Manny better. The sad reality is success is not coupled with virtue.

Dump Mayweather, Support Nepal, and Hope We Rise from Baltimore To a Brighter Future


In this week’s Friday Sports Dump, we ask you to think before watching two people box and thank two young adults for making us not lose faith in the future.

The Bruises Won’t Show When Mayweather Makes $100 Million

may pacman

When Floyd Mayweather hits you in the back of the head, the bruises won’t show, but they’re real.

Escaping From My Father’s Violence

Escaping From by Feans

Ty Phillips grew up under the shadow of violence. But he’s made sure it doesn’t darken his own home.

Are You Being Emotionally Abused?

Are You Being by Eric Chan

Emotional abuse can be subtle and hard to recognize. Psychologist Dr. Robert Simon presents a clear definition and explains the ‘spectrum’ of domestic violence.

Under the Microscope: Beliefs and Skewed Views of Immigrants and Crime Rates


Brittni Brown feels the negative association with immigrants and beliefs of many US citizens in relation to crime rates aren’t founded on solidarity.

Not a Good Time for the Male Body

the Hulk

Solitary confinement hints at what the male body experiences on a daily basis.

When Should We Award Second Chances?


With the recent signings of Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy, the NFL has proven once again that it is tone deaf to domestic violence.

Men Stay in Abusive Relationships for the Same Reasons as Women

Men Stay by Aditya Doshi

Divorce lawyer David Pisarra looks at the universal reasons why people stay with abusive partners.

A Letter of Support for Erik Walden—a Domestic Violence Survivor

A Letter of Support Tom Woodward

David Pisarra wants NFL linebacker and domestic violence survivor Erik Walden to know he’s not alone.