Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

walk a mile in her shoes

Edie Weinstein is ready to don her red shoes for a good cause along with hundreds of spike heeled men. Oh, and she’ll shave her legs for the occasion.

Children See. Children Do. This Ad Will Make You Think Twice About How You Treat Others

kids learn to be abusers

We feel like good parents when we sit down and teach our kids a skill. But do we realize that every choice we make is a lesson to them as well?

Where Is the Line Between Love and Control? (Video)

Where Is the Line by loveisrespect

Watch a teenage boy on the phone with his girlfriend cross the line from friendly and concerned to controlling and abusive.

Just What Is Rep. Tom Reed of NY Ashamed Of?

What Is Rep. Tom Reed by Philip Bump

A Congressman shares his painful personal experience with his colleagues and says, ‘No more.’

Make It End Differently: The Tragedy of Amy Homan McGee

Make It End Differently by PSU.jpg

“Telling Amy’s Story” lays out how and why law enforcement, the justice system, colleagues, friends, and family fail to stop domestic violence before it claims lives.

Things I’ve Learned About Domestic Violence: A Life of Heartbreak and Discovery

Things I've Learned by Caitlin Grace 1

Domestic violence survivor and wellbeing coach Caitlin Grace takes us through her journey, decade by decade.

The 7 Real Reasons We Suck at Ending Domestic Violence

The 7 Real Reasons by No More

A blueprint for creating a culture of respect.

‘Be a Man’—The Cruelest Words We Can Speak to Our Sons

Be a Man by The Representation Project.jpg

How the language of disrespect destroys self-esteem and empowers violent behavior.

My Heart Broke This Week, and I Need Your Help Fixing It

My Heart Broke This Week by FredetMarie

An appeal to create the next generation of good men.

How To Raise Violent People And A Society That Accepts Them

Photo: Flickr / anyjazz65

Violence is easy to get used to from an early age, which makes it even easier to perpetuate as we grow up and create an increasingly violent world. 

On the “Get Over It” Myth of Healing from Trauma


Patti Giggans, Executive Director of Peace Over Violence, believes the “Get over it” approach is myth, not methodology. And she wants us to put it to rest once and for all.

How This Little Girl Is Living her Parents Fights

Domestic violence children

Lea is her mother in disguise.

Inside a Violent Man’s Life

Psychological Violence Gregory Jaquet

“For one couple out of eight, this is not a fiction.”

This Guy Makes Your Abuser Look Good

Abuse Photo by Macnolete

Thomas Fiffer explains how abuse doesn’t always fit the stereotypes, and that is why it is sometimes difficult to recognize and act on.

Dark Hair = Masculinity


Cameron Conaway on the taking and making of modern masculinity

Campaign Aims to Get Cell Phones to Survivors: Donations Wanted


Because cell phones can be a lifeline for battered victims of sexual assault and stalking.