If Donald Trump Becomes President, it’ll Be Our Fault for Treating Him Like a Celebrity

Jill Di Donato and Matthew Rozsa discuss how Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy has been enabled by America’s obsession with celebrities.

Donald Trump Won’t Rule Out Muslim IDs for Americans

Donald Trump is throwing American religious freedom under the campaign bus.

The False Conflict of Starbucks and the Red Cups

Halloween is barely over, and we’re sparring about this ongoing, fictional “War on Christmas” because of the color of Starbucks cups. Is this real life?

Rubio Surges Ahead

Feel free to ignore all those the early polls, Marco Rubio is pulling ahead where it really matters.

2016: The weirdest presidential election ever?

No matter who wins, this is shaping up to be the strangest presidential election in a long time.

The Appeal of Narcissistic Leaders is Also Their Downfall

Being able to choose between leaders who we “like” in the short term and those who we believe will get the job done and be effective over time is not necessarily an easy task.

Understanding the Sanders Revolution

To understand the importance of tonight’s debate, you must first recognize the significance of the Sanders campaign itself.

The Solution to Our Gun Problem is Authentic Social Connection

As we isolate ourselves from each other, we encourage a culture of fear. Does that feed America’s gun problem?

Why J-Law Is Wrong About Trump

Jennifer Lawrence is right to be worried about Donald Trump, but wrong in thinking that the problem is just about him.

Dad’s Hot Topic: Sorry Kids, Freedom of Speech is Not Free

In a world where controversial ‘Hot Topics’ are abuzz, Brian Gawlak finds the teachable moments in trending issues.

Another Republican Contender Bites The Dust

Scott Walker’s decision to drop out of the presidential race shows the Republican Party is narrowing in on a nominee pretty quickly.

5 Ways to Identify a Good (and Not So Good) Man

What makes us—or anyone—Good? Feelings Detective Josh Cole investigates.

Political Centrism: Welcome to the Truly Radical

If we do not improve—immensely, immediately—public education, American students, and particularly minority students, can expect a much lower quality of life…for their entire lives. So that matters.

So Long Rick Perry

Rick Perry’s decision to drop out last week shows how presidential nomination cycles really work.

Being Authentic Is True Leadership

In this world of spin-doctoring, impression management, and controlled messaging, knowing where someone stands is quite a victory.