For My Son’s Future: Why #ImwithHer > #FeeltheBern

Kara Post-Kennedy doesn’t want to explain to her son why a racist, misogynistic, lying, bullying tyrant will be the leader of the free world.

How Donald Trump Would Destroy America (and Possibly the World)

Matthew Rozsa offers a go-to guide for explaining how Donald Trump may literally bring about the end of the world.

Home of the Brave: How a Once Great Country Lost its Way

It’s time to put aside our differences and work together to get things done.

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Matthew Rozsa explains how Donald Trump’s objectification of women is a product of our culture.

Is Jeb Bush the Reason for Donald Trump?

With the acknowledged benefit of hindsight, the rise of Trump does indeed appear fueled by a rejection of political dynasty and elitism. Jeb never stood a chance.

10 Donald Trump Monikers Inspired by WWE

10 original monikers, inspired by WWE, voters and pundits alike can use to describe Mr. Donald Trump.

My Aversion to Twitter and Trump

Matthew Rozsa’s aversion to Twitter is, strangely, related to his aversion to Trump.

The Real Reason Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President

We should take the possibility of a Trump Presidency seriously. We need to understand the anger and frustration of the American people with the current political system.

Captain America dreams of the United Nations

Matthew Rozsa discusses what “Captain America: Civil War” has to say about foreign policy… and Donald Trump.

Clinton and Trump are Examples of a Country not Worth Saving

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will both be detrimental to our nation.

What Explains Donald Trump? A Pie Chart Analysis

I’ve tooled around with ideas about why Trump just secured the 2016 Republican nomination, but since a graphic says at least 500 words, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a pie chart.

The Most Important School Subject? How About History

Schools should recognize their purpose is not solely to turn out good, little “workers;” their mission is to give young people the knowledge and wisdom to thrive as humans.

Why Concern About Race Relations Has Jumped – For Whites And Blacks?

Dr. Vibe asks a group of Black men why more Black and White Americans are concerned about race

Money Talks And That Starts With Your Vote

Stop voting for politicians and start voting with your dollars.

Trump’s 10 Million Votes

What does it say that Donald Trump in 2016 has passed Mitt Romney’s vote total from 2012?