Let’s Make America Great, Again!?!

Call a dog a cat long enough, that dog will begin to meow.

Trump Isn’t Goldwater… He Might Win

Matthew Rozsa discusses why Donald Trump, unlike previous radical right-wingers like Barry Goldwater, could actually win this election.

Delegates Meet Destiny in Cleveland

After Brexit, we know that current voter outrage can produce shocking results. Here’s hoping then, that RNC delegates vote their conscience in Cleveland, and dump Trump.

Why Donald Trump is Avoiding Philadelphia

Philadelphia isn’t known for being kind to Republicans and the City has shown little-to-no brotherly love towards Mr. Donald Trump.

The Last Days of a White Supremacist Nation

The systemic injustice of white supremacy is cracking and crumbling. But we’re throwing our energies into the wrong places, and Mike Sliwa explains how.

Does the Trump Just Need a Hug? (And Would It Change Anything?)

Does the Great Orange Hope Know How Despised He Is? Does it Matter?

Who Needs Guns Anyway? And Where Do We Draw the Line on Assault Weapons?

Other than law enforcement, who needs high capacity magazines and semi-automatic or automatic weapons?

4 Children’s Book Characters Who Would Make Better Presidents Than Our Current Nominees

I don’t have the money or power to offer America better options for president, but I do maintain the ability to teach my son what effective leadership looks like.

Contradictions in the United States of Amnesia: Why a Black Man Can Love Donald Drumpf

Wisdom Amouzou argues that Donald Drumpf (Trump) reveals the truth about America… in a way we can no longer pretend to ignore.

Defecting from the Donald

Reckonings #9: Alex Mamach, a young white Chicago native who changed his views on…Donald Trump.

A Call to Courage

#FeeltheBern & #NeverTrump have a shared interest: they both demand the American people be given something better than a choice between two unfit candidates for the most important job… in the world.

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Donald Trump: Stop Turning our Slain LGBTQ Family Into Your Next Media Bump

For whatever reason, my first exposure to commentary by those seeking to lead our nation was that of Donald Trump. He was opportunistic. The first tweets I saw were: “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism.” Here is my response.

Donald Trump: ‘Make America White and Protestant Again’

The dangers of demagogues and how Trump represents nationalism in its worst form.

Donald Trump for Commander of Pluto

Whatever planet Trump is on, we can safely say it’s probably not Earth.

The Question America Doesn’t Ask Itself After Tragedies Like Orlando

What’s our message?: After the Orlando shooting, America must define and distribute widely its message in order to combat self-radicalization.