Trump’s 10 Million Votes

What does it say that Donald Trump in 2016 has passed Mitt Romney’s vote total from 2012?

Donald Trump Vs. Harriet Tubman – Comment Response

Readers had a lot to say about my claim that Donald Trump’s objection to Harriet Tubman on the $20.00 bill proved he was racist and sexist. Here, I offer my response.

Another Day, Another Display of Trump’s Faux-Masculinity

Donald Trump doesn’t want to see Harriet Tubman on the $20.00 bill because he is both racist and sexist. Period.

Understanding Leadership Styles: Infographic

The 5 Leadership styles are made clear and easy to understand.

Bringing Personal Problems to the Political Realm

Trying to solve personal, community problems at the national political level is a recipe for absolute disaster. Enter Donald Trump.

How We Created Donald Trump

Effectively self-centered, bombastic, offensive, brash, loud, crude, opinionated, misdirected, misinformed, arrogant, rude, racist, and misogynistic — is he our bi-product?

Andrew Sullivan Speaks Truth on Trump, Schools Media

The political blogger went on Chris Matthew’s show and told the truth about Donald Trump. His scathing critique was brilliant, and brutal.

Our Republic is at a Crossroads

Donovan Wilson believes that with freedom comes responsibility.

Why Clinton Supporters Must Rally Behind Sanders

I’m speaking as a man who believes in the Democratic Party.

Carson, Cruz, and Rubio: Tough Times in the WASP Nest?

The GOP claims to be above identity politics; but is that just a front for maintaining “racial integrity?” A look beyond just Trump’s offenses.

A Perfectly Sensible Political Rant

Editor Matthew Rozsa’s friend reveals some inconvenient truths about the upcoming election.

Why Donald Trump Makes Me Appreciate the Men in My Life

Yasmina Blackburn talks about Donald Trump’s candidacy as the next US President, and how it has helped to shape her view of men as a Muslim living in America.

Most Disturbing 2016 Trend: Trump or Media?

Motivated journalists should do us all a favor and ignore the cheap tactics of Trump’s campaign.

Trump as President Intrigues Me, But Then it Always Happens

Donald Trump isn’t an idiot. Here’s why Rich Monetti is intrigued.

Vote or No Vote, Macedonia is Screwed

Macedonia doesn’t get to vote in the election. But they’re still greatly affected by it.