#WacoThugs Exposed The Media’s Unfortunate Racist Double Standard

The Waco biker gangs aren’t just murderers — they’re ‘thugs.’ Why won’t the media call them that?

Bizarre Double Standards

Men don’t generally have to worry about being called sluts because we invented the word to put down women.

“Need to be held responsible 4 more things we have no control over”

The Gunshots #NotAllMen Hear

“And just because a person doesn’t exercise self-control doesn’t mean you should be treated less than a human being.”

This comment by Mfundisi Kitchen on the post Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

Dad Profiling: The Double Standard

Mike Spohr was trying to console his crying niece. Unfortunately some people only see what they want to see.

How to Talk With Your Sons About Robin Thicke

Eric Clapp refuses to place the scandal of the VMAs entirely on Miley Cyrus—wasn’t Robin Thicke’s performance just as scandalous?

Can Men Be Romanced on Valentine’s Day?

Kenny Bodanis has a relationship with Valentine’s Day that can best be summed up as “It’s complicated.”

Rape Culture: What It Is and How It Works

Rape culture is the trivialization of rape, and it permeates our society to an alarming extent.

Fear the Towel

What goes down when the towel goes up at male strip clubs?

“In society, a woman’s masturbation is a sign of success, but a man’s is a sign of failure.”

This is a comment by wellokaythen on the post “Humping the Uncanny Valley: The Sexiness Gap in Men’s Sex Toys”.

Why Men Can’t Have It All

Why doesn’t anyone ever ask whether men can “have it all”?

“If men get together for this kind of movie, it’s sleazy. If women do, it’s ‘good, clean fun’.”

This is a comment by bobbt on the post “Magic Mike: Something Much Worse than the Objectification of Men”.

“It’s a disgusting double standard that men are not yet given that same respect.”

This comment was from Jen, on the post On Ownership, Sexual Violence, and Standard Operating Procedures

What’s in a Name: Vaginas, Clitorises, and Bravery

Maria Pawlowska asks how we can seriously discuss sex, gender, or equality when we can’t even say “vagina” aloud.

Dear John: Why Can’t I Call Him ‘Gay?’

Is there any harm posing naked for my boyfriend? Why didn’t he ask my permission before bringing people over? Should I have to put up with hypocrisy in my work place?

Hug It Out

Why is it called a “man hug” when two men put their arms around each other?