How To Be An Amazing Kisser


Dr. NerdLove offers a primer on how to ace one of the most important moments in a new relationship.

How To Touch Her


Learning how to flirt and touch a woman in a way that is both consensual and sexy is a fine art. Dr. NerdLove gives guys a primer.

Being Socially Awkward Is Not An Excuse

Banksy man with flowers

Dr. NerdLove explains that it’s not bad to be socially awkward, but it IS bad to refuse to respect people’s boundaries and use social awkwardness as an excuse.

Yes, You CAN Ace the ‘Defining the Relationship’ Talk

couple DTR photo by ddebold

Dr. NerdLove helps guys with the dreaded DTR talk, and explains it’s only dreaded because most guys haven’t learned how to do it correctly.

5 Ways To Have An Amazing Relationship


Now that you’ve found someone you really like, and who likes you back, how will you make it last?

Finding True Confidence


We all know that confidence is sexy, but you can’t just manufacture it… Or can you? Harris O’Malley breaks it down.

How To Get Women To Approach You


There are a lot of reasons why some women don’t approach men, but there may be things you can do to increase your odds of being the one getting the attention.

Why Women Don’t Approach


A lot of guys lament the fact that they have to be the ones to initiate with women… Dr. NerdLove examines whether that’s true, and why.

Defining a Modern Masculinity


Dr. NerdLove admits that a lot of the biggest issues in dating are caught up in traditional gender roles, with man as aggressor and female as receiver.

5 Ways to Bring the Spark Back to Your Relationship

kiss with sun flare

Dr. NerdLove offers some unexpected tips and tools for bringing excitement back to your long-term love.

Do Looks Matter?

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Dr. NerdLove examines the notion that you have to look like Brad Pitt for women to like you.

What You Need to Learn From the Movie ‘Her’

Although I’m dreading the upcoming deluge of ironic mustaches on twee sadboys.

Harris O’Malley just saw “Her”, and thinks there’s a lot guys can learn about love and relationships from this film about a man who falls in love with his operating system.

The Trouble With Online Dating

self portrait computer

Online dating is a great way to meet new people, but Dr. NerdLove sees a few problems with finding real love this way.

How To Be Charming

Charming couple photo by zoetnet

Charisma is a learnable skill. Harris O’Malley teaches you how.

Fix Your Flirting


Dr. NerdLove says the difference between flirting failure and mastery isn’t about avoiding mistakes, but how you roll with them when they happen.

Finding Strength Through Vulnerability

robot heart

Harris O’Malley explains how traditional masculinity demands that men be out of touch with their emotions, and how damaging that can be to your relationships.