9 Things That May Or May Not Boost Your Masculinity

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WTF Products — The dude version.

Help! I’ve Lost My Man Card and Can’t Get It Back


Phillip Chesnut is a cup-cake decorating guy who cares about his kids—not a bearded mountain man. Can he get his man card back?

The Corn Curl Experiment

corn curls

How long can a friendship last?

Do Real Men Drink Dr. Pepper TEN?

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Joel Schwartzberg calls BS on “manly” calories and diet sodas designed “just for men.”

Dr. Pepper Ten

The new advertising campaign for Dr. Pepper Ten prompts some serious questions. For instance: Did Dr. Pepper Ten’s market research suggest that it really needed shoring up in the sexist douchebag demographic? How the hell can a calorie be manly? What planet is Dr. Pepper Ten’s advertising team on? What awful women have they met […]

The ‘Manly’ Diet Soda Ad: Who’s Buying It?


Dr. Pepper isn’t the first to try to corner the highly elusive (possibly nonexistent) male diet-soda-drinking market. Let’s take a stroll through TV commercial history.