Have You Ever Seen a Drag…King?

Watch as four women transform into guys for the first time…and get some surprises long the way.

Feminine Side

Shane Allison explores and celebrates a particular version of femininity in this confessional poem.

Watch These Guys Try Drag for the First Time [video]

If you think a drag show is just guys in dresses, take a few minutes to see how it really works.

The Success of Captain Whitaker’s Dress

To mark Halloween, here’s a poem from Stephen Scott Whitaker about a costume–a costume that is both funny and indicative of how gender affects interactions.

I’m a Freak and I Like Being a Freak

His life vision was to be in the movies, but he’s had a life he never dreamed of as drag superstar Sherry Vine.

My First Night as Infinity

Luke North describes the first time he appeared on stage in drag.

Men In Their Girlfriends’ Clothes

A photographic series by Jon Uriarte looks at gender roles and finds a surprising intimacy.

The Young Gay Man and the Wedding of a Queen

A gay man recalls attending a drag queen’s wedding in his youth and harboring fantasies of his own marriage.

Gay Israeli Culture from an Israeli’s Perspective

American travel writer Sophie Needelman meets an Israeli soldier who shows her the gay State of Israel.

Anything Girls Can Do

Donald D’Haene has spent much of his life proving he can do anything that girls can.

Tea and Coco

Every young girl should have a fairy godmother. Mine does. Her name is Miss Coco Peru.

Confessions of a Drag Hag

Elyssa Maxx Goodman recounts her lifelong obsession with drag queens.

Dressed to Kill: Dispelling the Myths of Men in Drag

“Where are my lashes?”

Ballad of the Barrette Boy

I feel beautiful dressed as a woman. Sadly, these days I rarely go all out. But for a time, I dabbled in cross-dressing—and that’s how I met my wife.