What Makes ‘Little Boy’ a Unique Film?

Little Boy 4 crop

A film that deals with the father/son relationship, the need for family, and how tough war can be on everyone.

The Link Between Shame and Revenge: A Story

ace revenge

In this story, Tom Mallouk shares his insight about revenge, and how he comes out better for it.

How You Can Avoid Drama In Your Relationship


Are you sabotaging your relationship with drama? Harris O’Malley shows  us how to avoid it in the future.

Men Just Don’t Trust Women, And This Is A Problem


It took Damon Young too many years to realize that he didn’t trust women… not even his wife.

‘The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ a Surprisingly Great Movie

Hotel 1 fix

A film that looks at the later years in life, new beginnings, taking risks and having fun along the way.

After The Wedding

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You can spend the long weekend catching up on the Oscar-nominated movies. You could see one of the new releases — films so wretched they’re tossed into theaters in the dead month of February. Or you could remember all the times Jesse Kornbluth has guided you to pleasure and insight and watch “After the Wedding,” the film he has loved best in this decade.

‘The Wedding Ringer’ A Laugh Out Loud Comedy

Ringer 2 crop

Jay Snook reviews this new raunchy buddy comedy.

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Welcomes you to Level 7

Shield 1 crop

A new show by Joss Whedon that fills in the gaps of the Marvel cinematic universe.

‘Once Upon a Time’ Is a Different Kind of Fairy Tale

Once 2 fixed

There are no women in distress, and monsters are not so easy to see on this hot TV drama.

‘The Judge’ Tells Viewers to Defend Your Honor

Judge 1 redone

This film shows it is never too late to be there for your family.

‘Cantinflas’ A View into Early Mexican Cinema


A view into how films used to be, and how studios made them big.

‘Get On Up’ Misses The Mark

Get on up

Jay Snook says “Once this film is over, you will have more questions than answers.”

The Question Is…. What Are Your Top 5 TV Dramas?


6) The Fall Guy
Colt Seavers was the man and a truly fine singer to boot.

Do You Have a Lust for Negativity? Here’s How to Find Peace in a Seemingly Out of Control World.


When the world seems out of control, here’s how to find peace within yourself.

This Is Rage 8: If There Were Rules Who Would Listen?


Kimo Balthazer’s internet radio show, This Is Rage, has two very special guests on air today — Ben and Jerry, the two kidnappers trying to negotiate the deal of a lifetime.

He Saw A Man Messing His Sister Around


Ariane Beeston reflects on the relationship between two important men in her life: her husband and her brother.