‘Sing Street’ A Musical Masterpiece

Sing Street is a story about a boy who meets a girl, forms a band and writes music that changes all of their lives Here is the synopsis for Sing Street: “Like his earlier films ONCE and BEGIN AGAIN, SING STREET is inspired by writer/director John Carney’s life and love for music, and tells the story […]

A Place Where Everybody Calls You Names

Louis CK’s new show, Horace and Pete, isn’t what you’d expect.

This ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 trailer shows War is Coming

The new trailer for Game of Thrones season 6  has been released and is sure to pump fans up for the return of this show This may come as a shock to some but it took me years to get into Game of Thrones. I would hear from friends, family and people I met at […]

How to Completely Eliminate Drama in Your Relationship

– – – See the author’s TEDx Talk on Creating Extraordinary Intimacy in a Shut Down World – – –

‘Demolition’ A Film about Death, Grieving and Growth

Loss is not always an easy thing for men to handle, especially when it happens suddenly. We are supposed to be the strong ones— but how should men act when someone you love dies out of nowhere? There are many ways to grieve, and those often depend on a lot of different factors like upbringing, […]

‘Bridge of Spies’ Explores One Man’s Conviction to Make a Difference

Like James Donovan, our moral compass can move us to action.

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ is a Deep Tale of Wild Masculinity

This film is also a portal into the future if we keep messing up the planet.

‘Triple 9’ Weaves a Confusing Narrative that Isn’t Easy to Follow

There is a certain type of film that gets released every now and again that breaks away from the normal formula. It tells a story in a mysterious fashion which makes it not always easy to figure out what is going to happen next. Sometimes this is done in a way that works like in […]

Taron Egerton Soars in ‘Eddie the Eagle’

An amazing true story of one man who refused to give up on his dreams Movies about an inspiring person or event in sports history is not a brand new concept. We have seen it before in films like The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, The Rookie and A League of Their Own. These films […]

‘The Finest Hours’ A Good Drama that Tells an Amazing Story

The Finest Hours tell the amazing true story of how some men fought against a harsh storm and saved a ton of lives There have been some incidents that have happened in our recent history that may sound crazy but they have actually happened. Some of these stories are so interesting they get made into […]

‘Anomalisa’ Takes a Peek into the Mind of A Troubled Man

Michael Stone is a man who goes a business trip where he meets someone real special A lot of films come out every year. They can be funny, dramatic, thought provoking or even animated and meant for the whole family to enjoy together. Anomalisa is not your usual movie. It covers some of these areas […]

Top 10 Reasons Older Men Make Better Partners

Older men hooking up with younger women get a bad rap.

Is Donald Trump the President Our Nation Deserves?

The media has groomed the consumer need for conflict, drama and disagreement for decades. The obvious next step is to make it president.

‘Concussion’ A Film that Exposes a Shocking Truth

One doctor risked everything to make the NFL admit an unbelievable truth In history there have been plenty of stories that are hard to believe but they really happened. Some of these stories have been made into films like The Theory of Everything which tells the story of Stephen Hawking, Jobs which is about the life […]

‘The Big Short’ Tells the Shocking True Story

This film takes a sometimes comedic stance at one of the worst financial crises in recent history There are only a few films that over the years have wanted to evoke a strong emotion. The one that comes to my mind immediately is Quiz Show. It told an amazing true story about a TV program […]

Watch Heroes Fight in this ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ Trailer

See more of Lex, the human side of the heroes and an awesome surprise near the end The story of Batman fighting Superman is not a brand new one. It has happened a few times in comic books and there have been talks of bringing this to the big screen for years now. This has been […]