‘The Good Dinosaur’ Tells Kids to Face Their Fear

A new movie that shows what would happen if the meteor that struck earth instead missed its target It has become a tradition for Pixar to always find a way to make a film that is revolutionary and one that every age group can enjoy. They did it with Toy Story and its subsequent sequels, […]

‘Creed’ A New Chapter in this Story

A prodigal son wants to follow in his dad’s footsteps and with the right trainer he may become a champion The Rocky movies are a very well made series, well most of them anyway. It follows a simple man who ends up becoming a champion beyond all odds. A total of six movies were made […]

‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2’ The Epic Conclusion is Here

In this final chapter there is much that will happen before the series comes to a close Right now in Hollywood a trend is happening. One that fans cannot ignore, some series of books that have been made into movies have reached their end. This happened with Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and […]

‘Brooklyn’ A Tale About a Woman’s Journey in a New Land

A girl leaves her home for the land of opportunity and yet her journey has its ups and downs There was a time in the USA that many immigrants had the desire to move here because it was truly a land of opportunity. There were more jobs available, better access to schools and men and […]

Enemies Unite in this ‘Warcraft’ Movie Trailer

Fans finally get to see how this film will shape up to this long running game series Recently Hollywood has decided to take a number of series and try to turn them into movies. This has had mixed results. It is working well with the Divergent series and not bad for the Maze Runner books, but […]

Don’t Let Drama Drain Your Soul

Too many people find themselves caught up in other people’s lives. It is a tricky issue of emotional entanglement, and it’s not healthy at all.

Proposed Curriculum Requirement: How to Be Mindful of Technology

In the rise of the technological era, Jessica Lahitou has some suggestions on how to handle attachment and detachment for students and their devices.

‘Spectre’ Not one of Bond’s Best Adventures

James Bond’s past comes back to haunt him and enemies thought long gone return stronger than ever James Bond has been on a lot of adventures on the big screen. He has fought bad guys of all sizes, races, and they have all had terrible diabolical plans for world domination. Bond has been played by […]

‘Nobility’ Showcases a Crew that is Anything but Noble

A new show that is a blend of Firefly and The Office There have been many different types of Sci-Fi shows, some that you can watch with the whole family and others that are a bit more risque. Ever since Star Trek aired so many years ago the desire for these types of shows has […]

Helping Others Without Hurting Yourself

Theresa Byrne wants to you to know that you can help others without having it cause you pain or drama. But you’ll need to set some boundaries.

4 Ways Hulu Might Save Your Marriage

Drama is great for relationships (when you’re watching it on TV). Joanna Schroeder on why you need Hulu.

‘Supergirl’ A New Breed of Superhero

A show that tells the tale of the cousin of a well known hero and how she makes her mark in a new city Superhero shows are all the rage right now. You can see them on many of the national networks and a even on a few streaming sites. Programs like The Flash, Daredevil, Arrow […]

‘Jem and the Holograms’ A Horrible Attempt at a Live Action Version

This photo shows one thing very wrong with this movie and it isn’t the only thing that makes it awful There have been plenty of movies that were based on cartoons. It began with The Flintstones and had a stellar cast and was a very good movie. There have also been films like George of […]

‘Lucifer’ Shows a Different Side of this Fallen Angel

This new show coming to Fox shows the devil is a whole new way Fox has always been at the forefront of clever new TV show ideas. They have brought audiences The Simpsons, Futurama, American Dad and many other clever live action programs that people of all ages love to watch each week. Next year […]

5 Ways to Deal with Workplace Drama

Avoid the landmines that can cripple your career.

‘Bridge of Spies’ One Man Fights for What is Right

Against unlikely odds he made sure that justice was done and many lives were saved There have been a string of films to come out in the past few months that are based on true stories or true events. There has been Everest, The Walk and even The Gallows. But Bridge of Spies is not […]