The Tragedy of Unfinished Art

Everyone has a “might have been” story. Don’t let the greatest art of your life go unfinished.

Singing In The Shower

Why do we idolize artists then discourage our children from exploring there artistic expression?

How a Seemingly Meaningless Doodle Changed My Entire Life

Allan Ishac describes the moment of insight that brought him into his creative calling.

Drawing Will Never Be the Same

Post by ‎المعلم‎. – Instead of creating shapes on paper, create them in the air with this 3D drawing pen. ___ Why make a sketch then go through the complicated process of having a model made when you can draw the model instantly? Photo—المعلم/Facebook

Draw the Rest of the F#$%^@g Owl!

Are you going to wait for someone to tell you how to make what you want of your life? Or are you going to just do it?


Dwight Gray’s “Mapmaking” makes the simple act of a child drawing appear as profound and miraculous as any myth of creation and destruction.

On Dads and Distances

Mike Fiorito bridges the distance between his son, himself and his father with stories and art.

Playing Dirty: How Making a Mess Can Make You Feel Better

When was the last time you painted? Or played in the mud? Chances are, it’s been years.

Wei Wei’s Marble Construction Helmet

A Gallant in Gtown

I took this picture in Georgetown, D.C. before I went to a cocktail party.

Security Guard Maybe I Don’t Know I Took This Picture in 2011

photo art

Collage a Trois

photo art

Mark Rothko PhD 1.

I am doing a series, maybe 6 or 7, of photographs inspired by the late wonderful and great abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. This is the first.

3 dp (dupont circle, where joel works): No.3

3 dp (dupont circle, where joel works): No.3

3 dp (dupont circle, where joel works): No.2

3 dp (dupont circle, where joel works): No.2

3 dp (dupont circle, where joel works): No.1

3 dp (dupont circle, where joel works): No.1