Chasing the Dream–The Four Minute Mile

Paul Shipper, in pursuit of the four minute mile.

Is Marriage A Good Investment?

Dr. Steve does a cost benefit analysis of being married and discovers some surprising results.

25 Jobs and Homelessness to Find His Happy Life

Homeless and living in his car was his breaking point. It took 25 jobs, but he finally found what he was desperately searching for.

3 Ways to Help Your Spouse Support Your Dream

Chasing your dream will be harder if your spouse hates it. Tips to get them on board. — There is an audio version at the end. One of the most common situations I hear about in the dream chasing journey world is a spouse that isn’t supportive. This can happen for a number of reasons, […]

How to Get Booked for a TED Talk in 5 Steps

In 48 hours I’ll be speaking at TEDxSMU… and I’d like to share how this happened in case you are looking for your path to TED

5 Things I Had To Overcome To Find My Dream Woman

Jordan Gray had to give up a lot in order to find his dream woman… and it was all worth it.

#Ferguson. A Special Section from The Good Men Project

When a story breaks that is important enough to be a part of the cultural conversation, we are there. #BlackLivesMatter

Lapping Over Us

Laura Foley’s poem works to come to terms with loss by juxtaposing the language of dreams with one stark, unforgettable image.

Duty of Care to Yourself

A simple reminder of what it is you want, just for you.

Soul Upon Water

The heart of a man is laid out in Carlton Fisher’s visionary poem of death, dreams, and regret. A must-read for anyone who ever ponders missed opportunities.

Living His Dream: Watch One Terminally Ill Teen’s Wish Come True

San Jose Sharks invite teen fighting life-threatening disease to suit up with team.

Rage Fu Hustle

In this examination of a problematic father-son relationship, Jim Churchill-Dicks takes the rollicking camp of the cult film Kung Fu Hustle and combines it with the manic weirdness of dreams. The result needs to be read to be believed.

Get Out of the Comfort Zone and Dare to Dream

How finding the ability to dream again might help us to live better.

What Every Guy With a Dream Should Learn from King David

After slaying Goliath, David took a long, tortuous route before becoming King. Jason Helveston explores the path of dreams.

Long Live Rock: A Dad, on Being the Front Man to a Much Smaller Band

Andy Koehn never made it as a rock star. And that’s a really really good thing.

Aruba: What’s Your Happy Place?

What’s your happy place? Mine is a beach with white sand, turquoise waters and lots of water sports. Aruba offers all of these and more.