Mutual Dreaming And Consciousness

Is sharing the same dream environment possible? Ross Walton discusses here.

Watch: How to Live Without Regret

Regret does not have to be a permanent condition. This is how you can accept your wrong turns and chart a new direction.

The Dad Who Encouraged A Dreamer

If my dad had asked me to stop doing what I loved, I probably would have, but he never did, so I didn’t stop. — My son is now seven. He’s much like I was at that age and each week he has something new he wants to be when he grows up. Six months […]

What Men Need to Forget In Order to Be Happy

For some, it will be everything they’ve been taught about what “real” or “good” men do and are.

When Your Body Fails Your Passion

What do you do if physical constraints limit what you’re passionate about? Aaron Tang suggests an answer.

An Empowering Message for Dream Chasers

Richard Taylor urges people to embrace being in between the dream.

When Dreams Make Cents

When Elliot was introduced to “Smorfia”, the mystical belief that dreams, numbers, and luck could be intertwined, he decided to test it out.

The Value of Possibility

Jaime Zepeda wants to change how you talk about life.

Digesting Your Dreams

Are you the type who remembers their dreams from the night before? How do you handle them?

Top 10 Reasons to Never Share Your Bed with Your Children

Mickey Fuertes has shared a bed and learned the hard way. Now he shares what he has learned.

The Power of Sleep

Carl Pettit feels sorry for the American insomniac, from sleepless in Seattle to the city that never sleeps.

First, Be a Cowboy

I’m not saying this is the only life plan one could cleave to, but it’s working for me so far. I’ll let you know how the fishing goes, if I get there.