Just for Today, You Can Be the Change

What decisions can you make today that can improve the lives of others in the world?

One Big Problem with the Hustle Mentality

If you are a hard-working hustler, you may find yourself hustling in the wrong direction.

Are You Really Ready to Be Successful?

According to Ellory Wells, you need to make room for your dreams by letting go of these 7 things.

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How Happily Ever After Holds Us Back From Our Dreams

The Happily-Ever-After routine has ruined our idea of successful relationships because it has ruined our ideas of success.

Why the “Dream Job” Is a Myth

There is no such thing as the “perfect” job. Here is why.

How to Avoid Politics and Stay Happy During the Elections

Tommy Maloney casts his vote for staying focused on what’s really important—you.

You Don’t Need a Shrink to Interpret Your Dreams

Your dreams are waiting to be realized. Jordan Kozey might just have the secret to unlocking them.

A Good Lie

Is the American Dream a lie? What do you think?

5 Things I Would NEVER Do … Even for Love

Even love has its limits.

Whose Voice Do You Hear?

Loving the man you’ve become–the good, the bad, and the ugly–is a rite of passage.

The Angry Lego Man in My Junk Drawer

What’s inside your junk drawer? My junk drawer is full of empty promises and broken dreams.

How I’m Supporting My Husband’s Dream

Her husband is reawakening and chasing his dreams. Here’s how she’s supporting him and what she’s learned. — My husband is in the middle of a reawakening of sorts. And it’s totally my fault. You see, when we first met, my husband was shy, a bit nerdy, and didn’t have a lot of self-esteem. He was […]

Your Dreams Are Made Of Crap!

How to make your dreams a little more substantial, according to Samuel Gentoku McCree.

I was Hacked and I Lived to Tell About it!

I was hacked in the fall of 2014. My first clue was my Task Manager was on overdrive. Stressed and sleepless, eventually panic overtook my healthy habits and replaced them with old comfort-junkie habits.

It’s OK If Your Passion Is the Job That Pays the Bills

Katie Vessel says being passionate about supporting yourself and your family is enough.