10 Things I Want to Tell My Kids Before They’re Too Cool to Listen


This week, my daughter turned 10, and two things occurred to me. The first was how the heck do I have a 10-year-old.

You’re Not Your Job And You Shouldn’t Be Completely Consumed By It

kawasaki man-FaceMePLS-Flickr

We are always in search of something greater and more meaningful. Our work is a part of it, but not the whole story.

Drawing Hope: Photographer Brings The Imaginations Of Children With Health Problems To Life (Photos)

drawing hope6

No child’s wish is too extraordinary for photographer Shawn Van Daele.

Are You Prepared to Have Everything You Ever Wanted?

all dreams

Fouad Alaa wonders if all your dreams came true, could you handle it?

What’s the Most BORING Dream You’ve Ever Had?


We tend to think of our dreams as these wild flights of fancy–our subconscious run amok and without a filter. But the truth is a lot of our dreams are really freaking boring.

25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Self-Confidence


Our favorite lifestyle guru Leo Babauta returns with tips on how to develop self confidence

Foot Locker’s “Buzzer Beater” Commercial: A Hilarious Clash of Hoop Dreams

davis-foot locker

A boy’s driveway basketball fantasy runs into NBA man-child Anthony Davis. Hilarity ensues.

When Dreams Make Cents

Pizza, Pulcinella, & Lottery

When Elliot was introduced to “Smorfia”, the mystical belief that dreams, numbers, and luck could be intertwined, he decided to test it out.

Two Single Dads Who Taught Me Everything


There are two single fathers that showed Brandy Pettigrew what being a parent really was, and she’s so thankful for them both.

RealLifeStarter: The Kickstarter That Encourages Millennials To Get Real Jobs (Video)


Here is a comedic look at the sometimes difficult lives of young creatives.

Monsters University and Being a Young Man


Monsters University reminds us that failing does not always stop us from achieving our dreams, something that more young men desperately need to hear.

“The lack of understanding and partnership broke my heart and left a resentment that I couldn’t get past.”

what I want

This comment by Jeff on the post Couples Sharing Goals, Dreams and Spreadsheets

How To Make 2014 Your Year of Real Magic


Jacob Nordby, with The Temple of Dreams: A Parable of Your Possibility—on how to learn the power of “except”.

Are You Playing or Are You Dead?

Playing Flickr ingermaaike2

James Altucher realizes that you either play or you die, the choice is yours. And his.

“When somebody believes in you…you begin to believe in yourself”


Tweet This Comment by Iben on the post Running Down Homelessnes Merry Christmas to you! This story made me cry. “I believed in them with my whole being. When somebody believes in you, even just one person, you begin to believe in yourself. These guys just needed someone to believe in them.” ____ See more […]

Running Down Homelessness


Anne Mahlum asked a group of homeless men in Philadelphia if they’d like to join in on her morning jogs. Here’s the story behind the insight that is changing the face of poverty in America. An American Express #PassionProject story.