Feminist Dad Ditches Dress Code Sexism for His Daughter (and the Rest of Us)

What is a father to do when the rules seem sexist? Alison Tedford interviews Jef Rouner about this very issue.

An Open Letter: The Right To Bear Arms … Or Bare Arms?

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf asks why a school would embrace images of kids with guns as normal . . . while deeming girls baring arms, or legs, or shoulders a punishable offense.

Dress Code Wars: Stop Telling Boys They’re Distracted

Michael Kasdan reports on his town’s recent progress on dress code in schools and why that matters for boys.

2014 Camp Dress Code Update for Guys

Kris Wolfe has a memo for you to read from your camp counselor.

Know Your Place

Seeing yourself in the bigger picture of oppression.

Virginia School District Full of Shit

(Hat tip to Kink on Tap) So! There is this school district in Virginia with an innovative plan to prevent gender- and sexuality-based bullying! Are they going to encourage acceptance of all genders and sexual orientations? Provide counselling and other support for bullied kids? Provide diversity and sensitivity training for people accused of bullying? No, […]

iPood: Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Child as a Billboard

Kids’ clothing shouldn’t make a statement, David Zweig writes, especially if it’s the parents who’re making it.

Pants on the Ground? You Just Got Urkeled

While we don’t usually condone school officials touching the pants of their students, this is awesome.