I Drink, and My Boyfriend is Sober — Here’s How We Make It Work

WHY didn’t he drink? Had he NEVER drunk? Did he care that I drink?

I’m Not an Alcoholic (I Just Drink Too Much)

But around the fifth or sixth drink — between eleven and midnight, as I pass out to the same 15-minutes of an HBOGO movie — I feel the truthful sting of comedy and I’m the punch line.

The Night I Intended to Surprise My Daughter for Her Birthday, but the Better Surprise Was for Me

Matt Sweetwood planned to surprise his daughter for her birthday. When he did, and as the evening unfolded, he found an even better surprise for himself. One that may last a lifetime.

Men See and Feel it, but Can’t Always Name it

“Men are constantly being told we have to be strong and in control when we can barely get out of bed in the morning and every decision takes all the focus and energy we have.” – D

Drinking Fuzzy Navels and Spending Time Together

A drink together says, “I’m with you. I am here. We have time.” It doesn’t mean you’re both alcoholics.

Avoiding Temptation, How Not to Cheat

Despite temptation, you can stay true to yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

What I Gained by Giving Up Social Drinking

Matt Shumate took a 30-day break from alcohol—and he’s still not drinking. Here’s why.

An Introvert’s Guide to Eating and Drinking Out

Although it may seem paradoxical, a crowded venue can be an excellent choice for an introvert, both because you can hide behind all those bodies and because the extroverts in the room have a greater chance of finding each other.

New Fathers Suffer Postpartum Depression Too

How to spot the unique signs of depression in men and new fathers.

Answering the Call

Laurie Kolp paints a portrait of a hard living man and the nature of inevitability.

5 Reasons Why I Stay When Divorce Seems Easier

She had so many reasons to leave but decided to fight for the person she committed to. — A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook asking others to please stop coming up to her and telling her that her husband is already out in public with his new girlfriend. She knew and didn’t need […]

1,000 Days of Freedom: How I Stopped Drinking and Started Living

Three years ago Terry Lancaster decided to take a break from drinking. It was supposed to be temporary, but he’s never looked back.

The Third Glass: She Likes To Drink, I Don’t

The third time may be the charm, but not if it’s a third glass of wine.

How to Be The Sober Sports Guy

Trying to stay sober during sports season while it seems like everyone around you is drinking? Ryan Bell has a plan.

The Summer I Became a Man

Losing everything broke him and taught him what’s truly important in life.

How to Be The Sober Guy

Trying to stay sober while it seems like everyone around you is drinking? Ryan Bell has a plan.