Soul Upon Water


The heart of a man is laid out in Carlton Fisher’s visionary poem of death, dreams, and regret. A must-read for anyone who ever ponders missed opportunities.

“Depression feels like drowning.”


This is a comment by The Redhead Bedhead, Jane, and Sarah on the post “Can I Overcome Depression?”


KennyDCruz-I just got home, wearing nothing but a Mac

Kenny D’Cruz tries to make sense of a shocking attack.

The Deep End of the Pool

deep end of the pool

Jackie Summers recalls how twice he dove into the deep end, and how both times he found himself clawing for the surface.

A Story Without a Baby, a Near Drowning


In this installment of “Love, Recorded,” Matt and Cathreen take their one and only vacation away from the baby. And still Matt can’t get away from the fears of fatherhood. Though it’s his own fault, really.