Life Before the Drug War


Our turn to dream

A Letter to My Grandchildren Concerning Marijuana and Other Drugs


Jed Diamond shares the real drug problem

The U.S. Government is Addicted to Drugs

drug  David Hilowitz:flickr

How much are you paying each year for their fiendish addictions?

NEWSER: Rand Paul: Pot Is Bad, but Jail Terms ‘Ruin Lives’

rand paul

Rand Paul Said, “I don’t want to promote (marijuana), but I also don’t want to put people in jail who make a mistake.”

Mexico Has a New President. So What?


Most Americans consider our neighbor to the south a drug infested home of violence. But there is a lot more to what is going on in Mexico.

Racialicious on Walking While Black

Racialicious has an excellent post on walking while black. I have felt like Trayvon Martin. Many many times while walking at night, being pulled over by police, being told that I’m not supposed to ‘be.’ My ‘being’ in a space has caused questions, concerns, suspicions. In the back of my mind I always wondered if there […]

The Prison-Industrial Complex Is Anti-Man

This article in AlterNet makes a compelling case for a new American racial caste system built on the back of the drug war. Where Americans comfort ourselves that we are a post-racial society due to affirmative action, black CEOs, and Obama, in reality the average black person is at a far higher risk of being imprisoned […]

Womanist Musings on Black Men and Police

Womanist Musings discusses the relationship black children have with the police. I have written previously about why I disagree with schools teaching kids about officer friendly. To be clear, cops have a long history of targeting people of colour for arrests, violence and death.  What they may be willing to let go from a White […]