Death Is The Greatest Teacher In Life

Shawn Henfling believes that experience is lifes great educator.

It’s Not Hip to Delete Your Tweets

You can sanitize your Twitter account, but it won’t remove the stain of prejudice.

Adolescents Need To Learn About Depression – Before It’s Too Late

Danny Baker points out that teaching our kids about depression is as important as teaching them about sex and drunk driving.

“I Killed a Man.” Drunk Driver Makes YouTube Confessional Video to do the Honorable Thing

Matt Cordle wants to take full responsibility for the horrific thing that he did. And he wants others to stop before they do the same.

Death Wish

Risky behavior in adolescent males ranges from self improvement to suicidal, but the reward is the same.

“We already have ‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.’ Why not extend that to sex?”

How does fatal drunk driving compare socially to the things that happened in Steubenville? If campaigns against drunk driving don’t work, how do you design a consensual sex campaign? What effective messages have you seen that could apply?

“Is there ever a circumstance where the victim shoulders some of the blame/responsibility for their assault? For me the answer is no.”

This comment is by Nadine, to Archy, on the post “Rape Culture: What it is and how it works?”

5 Steps for Dads to Make it Through Prom Season

Prom season can pose a threat to a father’s sanity if he allows it. Here’s help coping.

Facing My Father’s Demons

One drink leads Ina Chadwick to a struggle with class, gender, power and more than a few of her father’s ghosts.

Packing a Breathalyzer

Soon after they met, Hyla Molander’s husband pulled out a surprise from the glove compartment. A breathalizer.