Love And The Drunk Dial


Al DeLuise on why we sometimes find ourselves picking up the phone after one to many drinks.

Drinking Buddy


The sad link between his male friendships and drinking.

On Nights Like These


As much as Angel Garcia’s speaker insists “this is not about precision,” this poem is extremely precise–in its language, in its images, in its emotional resonance.

Giving Up the Drink Or: Why I Had to Give Up on Booze

Giving Up the Drink by Thomas Fiffer

Alex Steed explains how his love relationship with alcohol soured, and how he and booze finally—and recently—broke up.

8 Reasons Kids are Pretty Much Just Tiny Drunk Adults


Tanner Ringerud of Buzzfeed shares pictures of a few belligerent babies.

Yet Another Set of Confessions of an Alcoholic

Photo: Carbon NYC

Larry Siskin knows there are two kinds of alcoholics…and that’s not the start of a bad joke.

No Sex Please – We’re Newlyweds.

warning no intercourse

Can you guess how many couples fail to consummate their marriage on their wedding night?

The Lie of Heroes: How Kerouac Almost Killed Me


By trying to follow in his literary hero’s footsteps, Jarad Dewing learned that not all heroes are what they seem.

Drugs And Alcohol Are Not The Answers To Your Problems

drunk, drunk man

5 Reasons you need to stop turning to them…

Stargazing with Kristen


Carmelo Vallone reflects on losing his first love to homicide and why he can’t talk about the Trayvon Martin verdict.

The Princess and the Pea


A tale of a princess, a woodsman, and his magical … chopper.

“We already have ‘Friends don’t let friends drive drunk.’ Why not extend that to sex?”


How does fatal drunk driving compare socially to the things that happened in Steubenville? If campaigns against drunk driving don’t work, how do you design a consensual sex campaign? What effective messages have you seen that could apply?

“I go to AA to hear other’s experience, strength, ideas and to share my own.”


If you are a teetotaler, what things have helped you stay sober? If you aren’t a teetotaler, what helps you say in control of your drinking habits?

“I was 22. First time ever black-out drunk, first time having sex. No consent, no condom, no remembrance of it happening, better yet enjoying it.”

photo by hollylay

But it’s the stories that get told that help give a collective understanding of a word so powerful that some people are afraid to say it out loud.

“Is there ever a circumstance where the victim shoulders some of the blame/responsibility for their assault? For me the answer is no.”

photo by andrew bain

This comment is by Nadine, to Archy, on the post “Rape Culture: What it is and how it works?”

Lois Lane


Superman has no need for Lois Lane.