Here’s Why You Can’t Put Love in a Box

Love coach Bryan Reeves shows us how relationships fail when we box in our partners—and how love flows when we let them be free.

10 Things You Need to Know About True Love

Many want a relationship, but do they really know what that means?

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Stop Trying to Make Your Relationship Easier and Start Trying to Make It Great

Relationship counselor Chuck Chapman reminds us that great relationships aren’t easy—but they’re worth the work.

8 Ways to Put the Fun in Your DysFUNction

It’s Time to Stop Blaming and Start Reclaiming: Reclaim the FUN of Your Family DysFUNction.

When Do Your Strongest Success Traits Make You Codependent?

Startling but true, these success-driven behaviors can be your worst dysfunctional nightmare.

How to Be Present in an Argument So You Can Resolve Conflict

Relationship advice expert Ross Rosenberg explains how we confuse partners for our parents in arguments, causing us to fight with the wrong person.

The Dangerous Appeal of Dysfunctional Partners

Thomas Fiffer explains the exceptional draw and destructive impact of partners who are determined to change you.

How to Take the Trash out of Your Life

Prince Ea encourages us to avoid GMOs: the ‘greedy, miserable, obnoxious’ people who dump on us and make us crazy.

7 Steps to Surviving Dysfunctional Holiday Gatherings

You’ll thank Thomas Fiffer for this helpful guide to surviving hellish holiday dysfunction.

The Art of Regifting

Thomas Fiffer reminisces on a Thanksgiving past and the true meaning of generosity.

5 Reasons I Chose an Abusive Relationship

A man opens up about the benefits he received from his relationship with an abusive woman.

The 1 Thing to Stop Doing When You’re Arguing With Your Partner

Thomas Fiffer points out the #1 mistake we make when our partner complains about us and offers a 3-step program for successful conflict resolution.

Is All Great Passion Based On Utter Dysfunctionality???

Ira Israel, on lusting after what we don’t have.

ReMoved: A Viral Short Film That Will Change You

This award-winning short film creates deeper understanding of what life is like for a foster child.

The 7 Deadly Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship

How to recognize the signs of a rotten relationship—before it’s too late.

Blowing Up the Powderkeg Marriage

A mature story about blowing up the dysfunction of a marriage and learning to communicate.