Fifty Shades of Grey is Unintelligible as a Novel

Warning: This is not a post about gender, sex, or towering rage. It’s basically a piece of literary criticism. Also, some spoilers follow. So, as Charles creepily informed you, we’ve been reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Presently, we’re actually a bit of the way into sequel Fifty Shades Darker. Once we finish the trilogy, we’re going to […]

Everyone’s Got Their Own Favorite Smut


Kenny Bodanis asks: does it make any sense to call something porn if it’s a picture, but erotica when it’s words?

The Mainstream and the BDSM Bubble

Something that is true about people in kink[1] is that, almost universally, we are afraid. We are socially afraid of what will happen if our friends or family members figure out what it is that we do for fun. We are financially afraid of losing our jobs if our predilections come to light. Some of us […]