A Cop Working a City Beat Is Changed by What He Sees. We Hope You Are Too.

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Nature is talking to us all the time, are you listening?

5 Reasons to See the Truth of the Situation We Are In


Mike Sliwa believes the story we tell ourselves about ourselves is a story worth forgetting.

Life is Short, and Urgent


Guy McPherson reminds us that we should strive to “make our lives worthy of the few years we spend on this most wondrous of planets.”

Call for Submissions: Environment


Neil Hill, our Environment Editor, wants to read your work.

So You Think You Own That?

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We are such ephemeral beings, physically speaking, at least. Part of the mystery about us is how we manage to avoid living like it!

Asteroids, Conflict and Turning Towards the One you Love


Ken Chitwood talks about his favorite asteroid disaster films and what we can learn about how to respond to conflict from them.

Earth without Humanity


Life on Earth can survive any man made disaster. But will we?

“Global warming is the earth’s MOST pressing concern.”


This is a comment by Dan on the post “Warming Up To Global Warming”.

Open Thread: Is the World Going to End on 12/21/2012?

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Is it really the end?

What’s a Man To Do? New Work for 2012 and Beyond


Find the new good life.

Former CIA Agent Says UFO Was, In Fact, a UFO


CIA agent asserts that whatever landed in Roswell, NM was indeed NOT of Earthly origins.

“I hope for a world where everyone is just h**self, regardless of biology and gender. I hope for the freedom to be whatever anybody wants to be.”


This is a comment by Valter Vigletti on the post “Everybody’s Trans: Gender Oppression Hurts All of Us”.

Space: Rational Discussions About Nuking Asteroids Headed For Earth [@SpoDaChozn1]

Hm. Rocks from space flying at our planet. What could we … oh, right! NUKE THAT SUCKA!!!

7 Ways to Survive and Thrive in 2012 and Beyond


The world is changing, Jed Diamond writes, and we should too.

News: It’s Komplicated on Sunday Morning Live, Today at 10AM PST [@isidra]

Get the run down on what our editor-in-chief Hannibal Tabu is covering today on the popular web radio show.

Carl Sagan: “You Are Here”

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“Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home.” Carl Sagan 1934-1996