County Line Poem

Ashley Inguanta delivers powerful, earned emotion in this brief poem on boundaries and love’s expansiveness.

I’m Sorry, Henry: Men, Nature, and the Awful, Rotten World We’ve Created

Men have destroyed the Earth beyond repair—but at least we have Smartphones.

Who Politicized the Environment and Climate Change?

Looking back to a time when protecting our environment wasn’t a bipartisan issue, what went wrong?

When it Comes to Climate Change, Why are we Always Surprised?

Are Australia’s carbon emissions and air quality rankings really surprising?

Humanity in Review – 2015

2015 as a collective whole, was one of the most important years in the history of our species.

Investment for Real Environmental Change

Billions of dollars are needed post Paris just to maintain pledges.

How Much of Your Life Is Bull***t?

We are swimming in a sea of cultural BS.

Why Exploring Outer Space is So Important

Who are we? Why are we here? Where did we come from? And if we are here, who else is here; and who else is out there?

A New Way to Spend Summer by the Shore

Climate change might just bring the shore to the vacationers.

‘Overview’: A Planetary Perspective

We’re on a planet that breathes, pulsing with water and soil and love. We’re on a planet that cradles life without demand, turn after turn … We’re on a planet that is running out: out of water, out of air, out of time.

Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Green Man

That which is within the planet is within you.

What if the Earth Treated Us the Way We Treat The Earth?

Mother Earth gets revenge. And it’s not pretty.

Dear Future Generations: Sorry (We Messed Up the World)

Prince Ea offers an apology to future generations for leaving them with a world that will be nothing like the one we knew.

Watch a Thunderstorm—From Space

Astronaut Terry Virts filmed a thunderstorm over central Africa—from the International Space Station.

Why It’s Ethically Wrong Not to Recognize Man-Made Climate Change

Matthew Rozsa reminds us that man-made global warming is a fact, and we as a species need to grow up and take responsibility.

We are Wanderers

“The world is full of people who share hopes and dreams of a grand future for humanity – be it here on Earth or on other worlds.”