10 Writing Tips if You’re Writing for The Good Men Project

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Notes from a Writer’s Workshop.

Become an Intern with The Good Men Project

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Interns/apprentices wanted now.

Just Doing My Job


Justin Cascio’s life has been changed by the writers who reveal their own lives—and the taboos of our society.

The Importance of Proofreading


You can be a pandering politician, or you can be a bad speller, but try not to be both at once.

8 Reasons to Write For Us

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Writers can’t help but write. Here’s why you should be writing for The Good Men Project.

On Freedom

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Freedom to be ourselves, to thrive, and to change the world. An introduction to the Freedom series on The Good Life.

Quick Social Media Tips of the Day

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Stickiness, spreadability, and writing tips from our editorial staff.

Words, Words, Words… and Questions

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In the age of the internet and digital publication, will the writing profession thrive or perish?

Software: Adobe Photoshop Touch Comes To Tablets

The software giant squeezes its most powerful version yet into tablet computers.