Why I Left a Job Most Guys Would Kill For

man weighing out options

After eight years of higher education he landed a dream job, then left it all to be his own boss.

Three Surprising Benefits From Acupuncture

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Acupuncture can deliver better moods, health and virility.

Call for Submissions: Let’s Talk Man-to-Man


Gay, bisexual, pansexual, questioning, single, in any sort of relationship, we’re looking for you.

Abstinence-Focused Driver’s Education: What You Need to Know

Lego man in car by boy with skateboard

“If cars were supposed to have more than one driver they’d have been made with more that one steering wheel.” What if we approached driver’s ed like we do sex-ed? DiaryDad  thinks you’re ready for ‘the talk’. — The most important thing you can learn about driving is not to drive until you can afford to […]

An Open Apology to Anyone With Depression

happy lady

For all of you that have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for “wellsplaining” you.

Reaching Out For The Brothers, What I Learned About Young Black Men

Young black men

Jeffrey Jones went to teach, but he learned just how much young Black men matter, and how much they care.

Dogma and the Intellectual: How my College Buddy was Blinded by Bias


If you think you can separate the wheat from the chaff with IQ tests and snazzy credentials, prepare to be sorely disappointed: because smart people with MAs and PhDs are often blinded by bias. ––– “The intellectual life has a certain spontaneous character and inner determination. It has also a peculiar poise of its own, […]

Don’t Delete That Jerk Off Your Social Media Just Yet


Opposing and abrasive points of view can be annoying, but what can they teach us?

Why Complacency Is Killing Cyber Security Strategy


We can no longer view security as a cost center. Integrating cyber strategies into our core organizational processes is key to our success.

A Teacher Uses ‘Star Trek’ for Difficult Conversations on Race and Gender


The stories and characters in Star Trek blend the past and the future with the complex problems we face today.

How to Take the Reins When Your Life Is Out of Control

How to Take by Louise Thayer

Louise Thayer takes a ride and takes her power back.

Mandela’s Belief that Education Can Change the World Is Still a Dream


Two years after Nelson Mandela’s death, the challenge remains to use education to change South Africa and the rest of the world.

Call for Submissions: Back to School – Out in the Halls


Jr. high, high school, college, trade school, any school can be challenging for gay, bi, trans*, and queer folk. We want to hear your stories and advice.

Dads Play a Crucial Role in Teaching Kids that Prejudice and Bullying Must Stop


Classroom lessons aren’t enough. It takes involvement from parents to make the lessons last.

Dads, It’s Time to Apply Good Office Habits to Our Children’s Classrooms


Children shouldn’t sit at desks all day. They need to stand, walk, and move around — just like we should do at work.

6 Reasons Why I Won’t Push College on My Children


 With student loan debt at an all-time high, and degrees not being what they used to, this man says it’s time for parents to rethink what they teach their children.  — Back when I was in high school, the factors involved in deciding whether or not to attend college were completely different. Going to college […]