The Pros and Cons of Workaholism

Matt Rozsa Working

Being a workaholic has its advantages and disadvantages. Matt Rozsa takes a look at both.

Catching up on Your Reading

Catching up on your Reading photo by Juan Carlos Mejia

Aaron W. Voyles discusses how the gap between what we perceive others as doing, versus what we’re doing, socializes men.

Is Your Son Really Ready for Kindergarten?

Is Your Son Really Ready for Kindergarten

Meeghan Mousaw shares how just because a child has all the reading readiness skills to be able to read academically, does not mean that the child is socially/emotionally ready to read and learn in Kindergarten.

6 Tips So Your Child Won’t Get Overlooked in the Classroom


If your child is academically on level, doesn’t create classroom conflict and is too often ignored this article is for you.

What is a Teacher Leader? What Should it Be?

Student_Teacher_BES Photos

Teachers have long wanted a say in how schools operate, but the system as a whole hasn’t been prepared to accommodate their voices. That may be changing.

Speaking for a Group Identity: A How-Not-To


Sam Killermann has advice on how to respond when asked to speak on behalf of all _______ people.

11 Words You Need to Teach Your Son Before He Turns 6

words boys need

The things we say to our kids help shape their identity. Joanna Schroeder explains how a few key words and phrases can empower our sons.

My Son, the 5th Grade Gynecologist


A story about the most awkward parent-teacher conference, ever.

Who Is Responsible for Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse?

Father Holding Daughter's Hand

Knowledge is power. Especially for our children.

Do You Have the Mind of a Millionaire?


How do Millionaires think? What do they do to succeed? And how do they deal with stress?

Cardale Jones Becomes The Man . . . And A Man


Tonight, third-string QB, Cardale Jones, leads The Ohio State University against Oregon for the National Championship. Adam Crawford explains why the rough-around-the-edges Jones exemplifies the purpose of college sports.

Why We Must Honor the Teaching Profession


There is no replacement for a teacher, and Laura Wellington shows us why.

Ed Reform and the Return of Individualism


Policy choices do make a difference in education reform. Educator and writer William Boyle shows us how and why.

Five Things I Was Desperate For My Son To Do Until He Actually Started Doing Them


Dad and Buried could not WAIT for his young son to be able to do certain things. Until he did them. Now we have a desperate dad wanting to turn back time.

Children’s Book Review: Will You Play With Me? The Adventures of Princess Nadia


Alex Yarde reviews the story of Princess Nadia’s fun-filled adventure featuring a plucky little girl and authored by a loving dad.

Black Girls Face Stricter School Disciplinary Actions Than Whites


A separate study found that darker skinned black girls were punished three times as often as fairer skinned girls.