Stay With the Pain, Don’t Shut It Out

Not all of Tyler Durden’s advice in Fight Club was sound, but this piece has merit.

Why ‘Birdman’ Will Sweep The Golden Globe Awards and Academy Awards

‘Birdman’ encapsulates almost every classic male protagonist from Icarus through Faust, Charles Foster Kane, Willy Loman, Stanley Kowalski, Jake Gittes, Tony Montana…

Coming Soon: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Director Wes Anderson has a very peculiar style and his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, will be no exception.

A Man Can Only Move Himself: Chess in “Kingdom of Heaven”

For Kevin Macku, “Kingdom of Heaven” was a game changer. ——— I suck at chess. I get too emotionally invested in pawns. Of course, the best way for people to not lose at chess is to not play, but then we become pawns ourselves. ♦◊♦ “Kingdom of Heaven” is a romantic fictionalization of the life […]

VIDEO: Boston Police Officer Saves Drowning Woman

‘She was in there calling for help, and I can swim.’

Great Moments In Greatness: Spike Lee Directs 25th Hour

Great Moments in Greatness showcases Black excellence, wherever it can be found.

Tyler Durden’s 8 Rules of Fatherhood

I’ve applied Tyler Durden’s philosophy to something as foreign to the story as possible: fatherhood.