Coming Soon: The Grand Budapest Hotel


Director Wes Anderson has a very peculiar style and his latest film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, will be no exception.

A Man Can Only Move Himself: Chess in “Kingdom of Heaven”


For Kevin Macku, “Kingdom of Heaven” was a game changer. ——— I suck at chess. I get too emotionally invested in pawns. Of course, the best way for people to not lose at chess is to not play, but then we become pawns ourselves. ♦◊♦ “Kingdom of Heaven” is a romantic fictionalization of the life […]

VIDEO: Boston Police Officer Saves Drowning Woman

boston_GMP (588x327)

‘She was in there calling for help, and I can swim.’

Great Moments In Greatness: Spike Lee Directs 25th Hour

Great Moments in Greatness showcases Black excellence, wherever it can be found.

Tyler Durden’s 8 Rules of Fatherhood


I’ve applied Tyler Durden’s philosophy to something as foreign to the story as possible: fatherhood.