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Good Men Are Trying

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How To Love Like You Did When It Was New

Mark A. Michaels & Patricia Johnson on how Love is profound interest.

“I completely missed how hard my father tried to bond with me, and how I pushed him away.”

This is a comment by Brendan on the post “14 Ways to Demonstrate ‘I Love You” to Your Son”.

Engaging the Gender Gap

Eric Sentell urges good men to teach themselves and their sons to engage with learning and with others before the gender gap becomes a chasm.

Graduation Honesty

By the time you’re in high school, your childhood is behind you, and your current performance is a powerful predictor of adult success.

“I say it’s time for women to make more of an effort, especially in marriage, to keep romance alive.”

This is a comment by Jon D on the post “It’s True That Men Have to Fall Harder For Women Than They Fall For Us”.