7 Reasons Why People Stay In Unhealthy Relationships

Dr. Steve examines why leaving a dysfunctional relationship is so difficult. It’s deeper than you think.

Egoality: The Path To Happiness Lies Within

Egoality is “Creating your own reality, usually a false one, because of your ego”

Reading (Less) And Doing More

Learning in itself doesn’t yield huge returns. Action is what makes the learning count.

10 Things I’ve Learned In Long-term Relationships

There are reasons, beyond biology, why you want to be in a long-term relationship. Dr. Steve shares ten wins that time gave him.

My Narcissus

Kris Bigalk uses the Narcissus myth to comment on loss and love’s persistence.

Why Ego and Intimacy are Strange Bedfellows

The ego is always working to “protect” our heart and ends up cutting us off from what we want most –here’s how you can prevent that from happening…

How to Avoid Perfectionism and Burn-out, Close Friends to Each Other and Men

Perfection is an unattainable standard which ultimately offers nothing but misery for those that try.

Are You a Man the Light Shines on?

Instead of focusing on how the light shines on you, focus on how it shines on someone else instead.

How to Stop Thinking Everyone Has It Better Than You After Your Breakup

Breakup expert Matt Shumate wants you to stop comparing yourself with other guys—so the lovers you want can see your amazing gifts.

Guys, Are You Really Listening?

Jonathan Delavan discusses the one thing that keeps anyone from simply and truly listening to someone else. — What does it take to listen? A question that has been answered for years now; and yet the question remains for many people who find cliché answers unsatisfactory or inapplicable to real life. I struggled with this […]

A Dad Confesses: I am a Middle-Aged Mean Girl

Sean O’Donnell has come to terms with his inner cynic. He had to. He became a dad, and inner mean girl or no, he knew the bitch-slaps would be a thing of the past.

Does Your Relationship Keep You Awake At Night . . . For The Wrong Reasons?

We all question our relationship at some point – that’s normal. How you handle your anxiety is where things get complicated.

Narcissism or Healthy Ego?

Ross Rosenberg lays out the continuum of narcissistic behavior, from normal to pathological.

A Happy You Is Good for the Planet

Bryan Reeves believes the best gift you can give anyone is your own happiness.

Kryptonite for the Male Ego

The one quality guaranteed bring happiness that is rarely cultivated in men–humility.

Where the Ego Belongs in Your Relationships

How do we encourage others to grow and reach the potential we see in them? We lead the way by accepting their loving words of encouragement.