Why Dating App ‘Bumble’ Is Making Men More Confident

Bumble by Damian Gadal

‘Bumble’ may aim to give power to women, but Tillie Adelson sees it as a boon for men.

You Don’t Have to Love Laci Green to Dislike Christopher Cantwell

You Dont Have to by lacigreen

Thomas Fiffer goes looking for consent videos and finds an ugly attack on consent and equality.

5 Myths and 5 Truths About Online Dating As Adults


Don’t be fooled by their photos, their profile statements, or their fluent email banter. Go for the face-to-face meeting with as little hassle and energy as possible.

The Plight of the Distracted Man (or What Walter Mitty Wants You to Know)

walter mitty

Are you a Mitty? Author April Moseley says yes.

What Grindr Taught Me About Being A Man

dating for introverts-by UrbaneWomenMag-flickr

Even in the most unlikely of places, Trevor Ellestad was able to learn what it means to be a truly authentic and loving human being.

Faithful Women Wanted


What an ad calling for “faithful women” says about the dating mentality of men, nowadays…

Infographic: The Evolution of Online Dating

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 1.54.34 PM

Did you know the history of online dating goes all the way back to 1965?

Real Life 40 Year-Old Virgin

Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 9.18.35 AM

Eli and Josie encourage a real-life 40 year-old virgin to keep looking for the partner who will accept him for all the greatness he has to offer.

Technology: The Surprisingly Porous Nature of Password Security Online

How secure can one be in an online world filled with predators? We take a look at that question.

“Meet More People, Ask Girls Out, and Learn Salsa” Dating Success, Assman Style

photo by runneralan

This was a comment by Assman, on a previous Comment of the Day: “You Can Redistribute Money but You Can’t Redistribute Looks.”

In Search of My Mojo

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 10.04.27 PM

Matt Crowder knows that while patience is key in dating, waiting for “Ms. Right” can quickly turn to complacency.

Old Men Like It Rough, and Other OkCupid Trends

Elderly couple

According to OkCupid, the older the man, the more he prefers to get rough in bed.

Why Men Are More Likely to Want Kids


Heterosexual single Americans now blur societal gender lines in respect to dating, love, and marriage.

Guestpost #5: Kirsten Gallagher – Ten things I’ve learned about men from eHarmony

Kirsten Gallagher is a very talented comedian (-ienne?), a member of WDWMKR at the ITC, and a personal trainer. She also writes a brilliant and hilarious blog that started here:  http://atheistbiblelark.blogspot.com/ and is now here: http://atheistbiblestudy.wordpress.com/ A bit of background: I’m not ashamed to admit that I paid for a three-month trial membership on eHarmony, This […]