The Three Funerals

three funerals

Three types of funeral, three types of death, three types of reflection on our own mortality.

Somehow the Music


Grant Clauser offers an affecting poem on those who are often alone during the holiday season.

The Key to Ageing Gracefully


2 questions to know how ageing’s going to go.

Right of Way

Right of Way

A reminder to care for each other when we need it most from Scott Sonnon.

90+ Do You Have What It Takes?

elderly couple 600

The top 6 things to increase your chances of living into your 90’s. They’re going to surprise you!

Are Baby Boomers Doomed to Irrelevance in the Workplace?


Steve Kayser shares tips for aging workers.

Assisted Dying Bill Gives the Terminally Ill More Control

near the end-Lee Haywood-flickr

New legislation would not devalue life but would give terminally ill the right to die with dignity.

Dear Sandwiched Man: You Need More Help


Peter Biro is a member of the “sandwich generation” — raising children while caring for an elderly parent. He hopes what he is learning can help others.

How to Use an Escalator


Josh Bowman is spending the next couple of weeks offering tips on how to do basic activities (you’re welcome). Today: using an escalator.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From My Zayde


Josh Bowman takes a moment to remember some of the things he learned from his wonderful Zayde on the ten-year anniversary of his passing.

Beats the Alternative


What makes it so hard to be old?

“Like it seems like most men here, I fear ‘aging’ more than Death itself.”


William Harryman, drood, and Jamie Parsons talk about their fears of growing old.

Bingo, Jazz, and Ducks – Another Day in the Nursing Home

Senior Activities

“Why do we think that if you put a random collection of elderly people together, they’d get along?”

“So then the morbidly obese would be best since they die off quicker? People living longer costs more money.”


These are comments by Mike L and Archy on the post “I Don’t Need to Explain My Fat to You”.

The Elders in Our Lives

Photo by dark_ghetto28

It is said that children are our most valuable resource, and maybe in a country this young and energetic we do like to emphasize the future. But I say, let’s look to those with a past.

Where You Live

woman two

“My mother—68 years old, known for her marble sponge cake and Zen-like bridge skills, a rabid fan of movie musicals—was missing. Missing.” By Andrew Roe