4 Ways Trump Has Already Helped America

I’ve written some pretty negative things about Trump in the past. This time, I have decided to focus on the positives of his campaign!

What Political Issues Matter Most? (Poll of the Day)

What political, national, and personal issues matter the most to Good Men?

A Perfectly Sensible Political Rant

Editor Matthew Rozsa’s friend reveals some inconvenient truths about the upcoming election.

The Difference Between Supporting and Voting for a Politician and What it Says About you

I don’t think Trump is supported because of his politics. I think he is supported because of his rhetoric on culture.

Don’t Confuse Fascist Nationalism for Patriotism

Politicians would rather blame poverty within our communities and low achievement in our schools on the “cultures” of those suffering from the inequities.

A Travesty, Manipulation, Un-American & Wrong

Donald Trump supporters have a reason to be angry… and so should all Americans!

Bernie Sanders Meets a Dumb Question Head-On

“I don’t know the answer to that question. That’s the truth. And neither do you.”

Ted Cruz is a Duck Dynasty Fan. Is Anyone Really Surprised?

Ted Cruz Would Like To Make Phil Robertson A U.N. Ambassador, Praises Him For Speaking With “Joy”

Help! I’m Dating a Republican!

Sami Jankins suggests a relationship is more than political alignment alone.

Veteran Ping Pong—It’s Got to Stop

Support veterans — absolutely. Make it sustainable not by one time contributions but through legislation that ensures that their needs will always be a part of our national policy.

Demand a 2016 Election Day Holiday!

How can you fight back against discriminatory voter registration laws? Demand an Election Day Holiday!