Dear Liberals, We Need to Talk

Once we understand our role, then can we begin to accept our responsibilities and move towards an existence where it’s not all about us.

Men in Debt: Is it Time to Chase a Different Carrot?

What is required to liberate us from the absolute stronghold the debt narrative has over our industrial global culture?

10 Donald Trump Monikers Inspired by WWE

10 original monikers, inspired by WWE, voters and pundits alike can use to describe Mr. Donald Trump.

America and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Election

It’s been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad election. So we’re moving to Australia.

Money Talks And That Starts With Your Vote

Stop voting for politicians and start voting with your dollars.

How We Created Donald Trump

Effectively self-centered, bombastic, offensive, brash, loud, crude, opinionated, misdirected, misinformed, arrogant, rude, racist, and misogynistic — is he our bi-product?

The Lessons of South African Politics for the US

Voter beware. As in South Africa, you may get the leader you vote for.

Vote or No Vote, Macedonia is Screwed

Macedonia doesn’t get to vote in the election. But they’re still greatly affected by it.

An Exclusive Interview with Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen

He is not Hillary, he is not Bernie and he certainly is not Donald or Ted. But he is running for President. He is the “no fear” candidate Austin Peterson, and John Holland presents this exclusive interview.

Tales of Tolerance and Multiculturalism

Louise Thayer muses on how we can be more accepting at a time when division defines our politics.

The Elections and Demands of Dispossessed

Are we ready for Socialism?

Trump: What We Get for Caring More About the Super Bowl than Politics

Trump is a maniac, but he might be exactly the maniac we need.