Kim Kardashian’s ‘Break the Internet’ Photos Gave Me an Idea

Kim Kardashians by Mortimer 62

Maria Shriver wants to break the Internet, too, but not the way Kim Kardashian did.

Julian Casablancas Wants You to Engage in Our Democracy


With mid term turnout the lowest in 70 years, engaging, energizing and mobilizing young people into the political process is critical, and artists are key.

Fight Corruption in Politics and Take our Country Back


It’s time we the people minimize money and corruption in our politics and take control of the election process as well as oversight of how we are governed

Ignore All That Mandateology


Politicians win elections, they don’t win mandates.

Is Suing and/or Impeaching the President Appropriate or Cheap Politics?

Suing d President

Should suing the President be limited and impeachment reserved for the constitutional definition of “treason,bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors”?

There Goes The Cuban Vote

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Cuban American voters are increasingly supporting the Democratic Party.

The Voter Fraud Myth


Few if any people actually commit voter fraud, but some people are trying to make it harder to vote anyway.

5 Things Paul Ryan Wishes He Could Say To Lazy “Inner City Men”

paul ryan1

In lieu of Paul Ryan’s commitment to improve life outcomes of inner city men, here are five things he would probably say to them.

The Republican Party and their ‘Communication Problems’

rnc- NewsHour-flickr

Neil O’Farrell points out that losing an election is not about a failure of communication.

More Early Voting Please


Early voting’s opponents often show a shocking lack of knowledge about how our democracy actually works.

The Coming Battle Over Voter ID

liberty bell

A judge in Pennsylvania has thrown out Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law setting the stage for the Supreme Court to tackle the issue.

Russell Brand is not a Revolutionary

Russell Brand

If you want meaningful political and social change you have to work hard for it.

Here’s to Political Comebacks


Eliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner are trying to make political comebacks in New York City. They deserve a shot.

GLOBALPOST: Venezuela Hunger Strikers Say Government Thugs Attacked Them


Protesters say bikers dressed in Chavez’s socialist party colors robbed them and fired guns at them.