I Thought I Was Alone, and Then I Met the World—A Survivor’s Story

Suzanna Quintana wrote some words that helped her understand narcissistic abuse. She had no idea how many survivors’ lives she would touch.

Wanted: Awakened Warriors

Men may be getting mixed messages about what women want, but Ben Neal believes that if men truly give their all, they not only become what women want, but also get a more fulfilling life.

The Whole Point of Every Relationship (Is Probably Not What You Think It Is)

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Romance: Reading Fate into Coincidence

Gary Bobroff examines how the hopeless romantic will give away his or her power by believing that “fate” will lead to their destiny.

10 Things I Find Sexy in a Woman (That Have Nothing to Do With Looks)

What makes a woman attractive to Damien Bohler is about a lot more than beauty.

The Cultural Shadow of Pornography

Candice Holdorf isn’t against pornography, but encourages us to look more critically at porn as a business, and try to figure out exactly what it is they’re selling.

Enchanted by Youth: Why Older Men Love Younger Women

Dr. Adam Sheck examines the ways in which the midlife period for men is often a trap that feeds into the need to feel vital and powerful.

How to Be a Cheater

When I caught him red handed, I didn’t leave. Instead, I cheated, too.

Forgiving Adultery

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Why Do Good People Cheat? 12/21

For almost as long as marriage has existed, so has adultery.

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Is porn a good thing?

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Suburban wife, mother, and sex worker Elle Lynn Stanger talks about the women and men who make and use porn.

Men and Pornography: 10/20

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