That’s What You Get for Being So Adorable

“Just because you think I’m Elmo doesn’t mean you may tickle me.” –Man Shman

The Meister Piece: 2012 Year in Review

MTV “Road Rules” star Susie Meister and Good Men Project blogger Oliver Bateman recap 2012 and make their bold predictions for 2013.

Another Kid? Sigh…Elmo why?

It is clear that Kevin Clash is far from vindicated. He has lost his wonderful career as Elmo’s puppeteer, and his reputation has been forever marred. No matter what happened, this is a horrible and very sad situation.

Why Powerful Men Get In Trouble (and Why We Care)

Why would men at the top levels of the CIA and the US military seem to lack the good sense at least to show greater discretion when interacting with women other than their wives? And why does it matter to us so much?

Elmo is Innocent (or Why Some People Lie)

We are quick to judge celebrities, politicians, and public figures based on gossip. We are quick to convict based on a few paragraphs we read online or in the paper. Meanwhile, their life is destroyed.

Welcome to the Club

In this excerpt from Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro, David L. Hall talks about the importance of fatherhood and what it is like to join the dad club.

Sesame Street Audition

Babs sings her ABC’s while holding on to three Elmos, hoping to get on Sesame Street.

Dear Elmo, I Hate Your F#$%ing Guts

Hey, Elmo. Fran Dresher’s calling. Her laugh thinks you’re annoying and wants you to stop.