How to Be Calm Under Pressure

How to Be Calm by Benjamin Watson

Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry shares his secrets to handling stress.

The Ever Evolving Purpose of Man


With technological advancements in the medical field booming, man has more reason than ever to thrive and find purpose.

3 Reasons Men React To Break-Ups Differently Than Women

3 Reasons by istolethetv

Chris Armstrong explains why men seem to be less emotional than women about breakups.

5 Ways Men Can Develop Their Emotional Presence In Bed

Messages Image(1305953945)

Jordan Gray says that your emotional presence, passion, and desire for your partner will always be more important than masterful sexual technique.

Dionysos Out of Exile: Embodiment, Emotion, and the Recovery of the Male Soul

Screen shot 2015-07-26 at 8.46.59 PM

David M. Odorisio on what it means to be an American “self-made man”, and how that’s repressing both body and emotion in males today.

Why Do Some Smart People Keep Making the Same Dumb Mistakes?

Why Do Some Smart by B Rosen

Counselor Carl offers a five-minute video course in emotional intelligence.

How to Sabotage Self-Sabotage

Self-Sabotage by andronicusmax

Jordan Kozey has a trick to short-circuit the pattern of holding yourself back.

How Well Do You Manage Your Emotions At Work?


Do you ever have regrets about how you reacted to a situation at work? In your personal life? If you do, it might be because you allowed your emotions to rule.

4 Parenting Lessons I Learned From Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out

4 Lessons by Sarah Ackerman

Mike Berry doesn’t just watch a movie. He finds the messages every parent needs to hear.

3 Things To Remember When You’re Falling In Love

Beautiful Couple kissing at Sunset.

Jordan Gray says that love can be scary… and you’re allowed to be feeling a lot of big feelings.

Men Are Actually More Emotional Than Women, They Just Hide It Better


Men are often ridiculed for being emotional, so they’ve learned to hide what they naturally feel.

Is It Finally Time to Put Down ‘Man Up’?

Down with Man Up by Mary Kay

Adriana Zollo is fed up with “Man Up.” Are you?

The Anvil and the Hammer: a Love Story

The Anvil by My Aim Is True

Cabot O’Callaghan is in love. And shattered. And happy. And afraid.

Tears and Comfort

Tears and Comfort by Joel Bombardier

We are born with sacred water inside us. Releasing tears is the soul’s call for help.

The Underworld of Emotion


Anger is not the only emotion available to us men. Sadness, vulnerability, and many others are part of our natural inheritance — and we shouldn’t avoid them.

He Cries Alone: Black Men And PTSD


Whether they are veterans or victims of violence, black men are less likely to seek the help they need when they have post-traumatic stress disorder.