3 Things To Remember When You’re Falling In Love

Beautiful Couple kissing at Sunset.

Jordan Gray says that love can be scary… and you’re allowed to be feeling a lot of big feelings.

Men Are Actually More Emotional Than Women, They Just Hide It Better


Men are often ridiculed for being emotional, so they’ve learned to hide what they naturally feel.

Is It Finally Time to Put Down ‘Man Up’?

Down with Man Up by Mary Kay

Adriana Zollo is fed up with “Man Up.” Are you?

The Anvil and the Hammer: a Love Story

The Anvil by My Aim Is True

Cabot O’Callaghan is in love. And shattered. And happy. And afraid.

Tears and Comfort

Tears and Comfort by Joel Bombardier

We are born with sacred water inside us. Releasing tears is the soul’s call for help.

The Underworld of Emotion


Anger is not the only emotion available to us men. Sadness, vulnerability, and many others are part of our natural inheritance — and we shouldn’t avoid them.

He Cries Alone: Black Men And PTSD


Whether they are veterans or victims of violence, black men are less likely to seek the help they need when they have post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Hidden Power of Art


Jonathan Delavan discusses the reasons why art holds such powerful sway over us and is thus a powerful key to one’s personal growth.

Guys, Stop Pretending Your Breakup Didn’t Hurt

Guys Stop Pretending by Khashayar Elyassi

Breakup expert Matt Shumate explains how leaning in to post-breakup pain makes you—and your next relationship—stronger.

Why You Need Emotional Intelligence to Succeed

Why You Need by vintagedept

You can be the smartest, most talented, driven person there is, but without emotional intelligence, you’ll struggle to achieve your personal and professional goals.

If You’re Not Being Appreciated In Your Relationship, It’s Time to Get Serious


James Michael Sama with some tough love for your unfulfilling love life.

Opening to True Love

Opening by Martin Fisch

Patrick Sallee finds gems of relationship wisdom in Jessica Ann’s interview with Mark Groves

Do You Want to Write With Emotion? Writer Beware!

open book

This isn’t a technique for the weak of heart — It’s a journey only the brave or insane can take.

The Five Stages of Grief and Loss in Divorce

Five Stages by martin

When a marriage dies and sadness hits, it’s the sadness that will heal you.

Redefining the Strong Man

Redefining the Strong Man by Various

For men to be whole, the image of the strong man must change.

She Was Never ‘Just a Dog’


This isn’t a story about a dog, this is a story about a man. A man, and the death of a dog that had saved him from depression.