Get Emotional: Why You Shouldn’t Avoid Emotion in Business

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We emote — period — and business leaders who don’t appreciate this simple truth are going to have a hard time connecting with their teams, their colleagues, and their customers.

Married to the Masculine: I Want a Divorce!


Steven Lake flies backward in time to understand how he has conceptualized masculinity and what it means to be “male.”

Preventing Our Deadliest Relationship Mistake

Preventing Our Deadliest by brianac37

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, learn to stop managing your partner’s emotions.

Conflict? Don’t Take It Personally


In living in a world with 6.75 billion other human beings, we run up against each other all the time. Theresa Byrne wants you not to take things so personally.

It’s Not Just Men: a Woman’s Journey to Learn Empathy

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Valerie Greene took away one last lesson from her marriage before it ended that changed how she understood Men.

Cultivating Joy Every Day

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Vaughan Granier believes that joy is a place where we can reside emotionally, as opposed to an emotion we can have for a brief period of time.

Sharing What This Man Feels

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Orin J. Hahn shares a peek inside the thought process of being a feeling man, and doesn’t think he’s alone.

A Letter to My Wife: Please See Your Behavior As I Do and Our Children Do

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Tweet “If our children had only the words we speak to each other, to describe our relationship, what would they say about us?”  —   My love, I know you love me and today especially I appreciate that we usually connect in lots of little ways that remind us of our love and our care […]

An Empirical Look at the Modern Man


A recent study by Australian company M&C Saatchi set out to dispel common perceptions of men as ignorant jerks. What they found may surprise you.

There’s No Such Thing as a Lone Wolf


Eric Robillard never wanted his family and friends to know any emotions other than happiness existed within him, as if sharing his darkness was admitting that he was flawed and frail.

Understand Your Anger and Use it to Advocate for Yourself


Natalie Gutierrez wants you to know that your anger can be managed positively and you can learn self-regulation, compassion, and self-advocacy through learning to communicate with your anger.

Paternal Pauses: Let It Be Me

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What do you do when you write something part post and part poem? Josh Misner shares it with others. We’re glad that he did.

Does a Man Cry When His Mother Dies?

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Steve Horsmon found himself curiously without tears at some of the most poignant moments of his life. Why?

Emotional Resilience: What Makes the Difference Between Surviving & Thriving?


What makes the difference between people who get knocked down by life and stay down, and those who get back up?

Zimmerman Not Guilty? What’s Next For Black Men?

Trayvon March

Coach Michael Taylor asks how black men can move on after the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

Building More Intimacy: Handling Conflict Like a Man


Steve Horsmon explains how to be a prize-winning communicator in a relationship.