3 Elements That Terrorize People, Including Men

There are three elements that create the perfect monster for humans, according to a fictional Japanese character. But what if we took a step back and applied this list to fear itself? What might we have to learn about ourselves and our fears in the process?

Big Boys do Cry: Why Obama Was Right to Shed Tears Over Dead Children

Bernard Capp on the importance of sentimentality in the political sphere.

Men, Competition and Jealousy: A Potentially Destructive Force

Dr. Elwood Watson believes it’s essential that we learn to control and limit our jealousy or else we’ll become a victim of it.

Men, You Can Attain Emotional Mastery

Men have been given a head-start on emotional mastery even if we don’t realize it.

5 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself In A Relationship

How to feel good in a whole other way. Steven Lake looks at what it really takes to nourish yourself when in a relationship. It’s not about her.

Grieving Men and Their Ocean of Emotions

Mark Liebenow believes men have been conditioned for too long to hide their grief. It’s time to talk about it.

How To Help Your Partner Heal Their Emotional Wounds

Jordan Gray says that helping your partner heal their pain starts with you being willing to face your own demons.

Two Trips Home: A Vietnam Story

A soldier’s brush with tragedy both abroad and at home.

Troubled Souls Just Want to be Heard

When a person feels disturbed in some way, they usually desire a deeper human and spiritual connection. The question becomes: Is it even possible to have that connection?

10 Things I’ve Learned In Long-term Relationships

There are reasons, beyond biology, why you want to be in a long-term relationship. Dr. Steve shares ten wins that time gave him.

Emotional Connection: How to Get the Sex Life of Your Dreams

Daniel Dowling wants you to have great sex. And he shares the secret to make it happen.

5 Ways to Change the World When Both You and Your Partner are Triggered

Jordan Kozey says couples should master conflict in relationships instead of avoiding it.

“We cannot control anything but our own behaviors. Hence anger drains positive energy and it is, over time, a colossal waste of time.”

This comment by Facebook fan Preveen Jha, on the post “How Hitting a Hay Bale With a Big Stick Changed My Life.”

The Day I Became A Writer

On a journey back to himself he discovered he’d gone from being a man who writes to being a Writer.

Healing After Divorce? The Only Way Was Through

There really is healing through divorce, says Three Boys and a Mom writer Rachael Boley.  — Throughout the past five years, I have felt a myriad of emotions toward my ex-husband… Infatuation. Obsession. Co-dependence. Love. Lust. Anger. Fear. Hate. Disgust. Apathy. Sadness. The list goes on. Every emotion that exists, I have felt them all. When we separated a year and a half ago, I felt […]

Scary Daddy, Good Daddy: How to Deal with Anger in the Moment

Where is the line between being a scared parent and a scary parent? Joe Medler considers the emotion behind those tense parenting moments. — I have endless tender feelings for my sons. They know without question that I love them to the ends of the earth. They also know I’m scary. Really scary. I remember a […]