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The New York Times tried to define him and failed. John Glass is trying now. Should we be defining him? Isn’t it up to men to define themselves?

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Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry says many of us are actually in the middle of the extrovert-introvert spectrum—and he explains why that’s the best place to be.

How to Use Failure to Your Advantage

Emotional intelligence expert Dr. Travis Bradberry helps you flip failure from a liability to an asset.

It is Time for Dads to be Known for Their Mastery of Emotional Intelligence

Intrapersonal intelligence encompasses our understanding of our emotions and of the way we think about not only our emotions but our emotional place in the world. It is time that dads be known as masters of these skills rather than he suppressors of them.

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Do Bullies Lack Self-Esteem and a Capacity for Empathy?

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Screw the cultural cowardice you’ve been fed. Cry if you feel like crying.

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Dr. Travis Bradberry helps you navigate some serious workplace dangers that could jeopardize your job.

How (And Why) To Become A Fabulous Listener

Whether at work or at home, listening is the key skill you need to improve your relationships. ___ Listening is a bit like intelligence—most everyone thinks they’re above average, even though that’s impossible. And listening is a skill you want to be great at. A recent study conducted at George Washington University showed that listening […]

Exceptional Employees Have Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Travis Bradberry homes in on the one trait that bosses say makes employees great.