11 Ways to To Deepen Your Intimacy


How to fall even deeper in love and stay that way.

Emotional Intelligence and Law Enforcement: A Conversation That’s Long Overdue


Motivated by the recent deaths of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner at the hands of police officers, Matt Selker shines a light on the urgent, imperative need for educating those in law enforcement on the use of emotional intelligence competencies.

She Cries, He Shuts Down. Why?

when she cries

Richard Gatley reminds us that men do feel emotions but often lack the training to express them.

Call for Submissions: Gratitude


What are you grateful for?

5 Ways to Keep Your Son Out of Prison

Baby behind bars

How Kozo Hattori is proactively keeping his sons out of jail.

Men, 3 Tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

emottional intelligence mrbill78636:Flickr

Healthy emotional intelligence in relationships can be a difficult challenge for men. Here are some ways to help!

Raising Compassionate Boys: An Experiment in Parenting

kozo son

In response to the plethora of school shootings, sexual assaults, and viral humiliations, Kozo Hattori is arming his sons with compassion.

“Difficulties can be managed by two people who care for one another”


What Men Are Saying When They Talk About Intimacy

What Men Are Saying When They Talk About Intimacy

spider web

For men to fully connect in relationships, we need to release them from the double bind they encounter when discussing intimacy.

7 Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Two Crazy Marriages

7 Things I Wish by Daniel Oines

Twice-divorced, Thomas Fiffer digs into his past—without dissing his exes—to distill wisdom for everyone on dysfunctional relationships.

Are We Really Ready For Emotionally Intelligent Men?

Emotionally Intelligent Men

Sure, we want to raise emotionally intelligent boys but are we ready for when they grow up?

How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Boys and Stop the Cycle of Hurting Men


Emotionally healthy boys grow up to be emotionally healthy men and we all could benefit from tips to help us with them along the way.

Five Simple Don’ts That Free You to Do What You Love

Five Don'ts That Will by Thomas Fiffer

Avoid these five pitfalls, and you’re well on your way to the life of your dreams.

Marcus Smart: The Pain Behind the Behavior

Marcus Smart  The Pain Under the Behavior

Ava Parnass examines how the grief and pain Marcus Smart has been repressing are escaping a decade later in a messy way.

What Do Emotional Intelligence, Washboard Abs & Polar Exploration Have in Common?

Get it?

This Week’s Top Leadership Posts From Around the Web, Curated by Leadership Editor Dale Thomas Vaughn

It’s Not Just Men: a Woman’s Journey to Learn Empathy

Hearts all a Flickr by Flickr.Neal Fowler

Valerie Greene took away one last lesson from her marriage before it ended that changed how she understood Men.