How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Boys and Stop the Cycle of Hurting Men


Emotionally healthy boys grow up to be emotionally healthy men and we all could benefit from tips to help us with them along the way.

Five Simple Don’ts That Free You to Do What You Love

Five Don'ts That Will by Thomas Fiffer

Avoid these five pitfalls, and you’re well on your way to the life of your dreams.

Marcus Smart: The Pain Behind the Behavior

Marcus Smart  The Pain Under the Behavior

Ava Parnass examines how the grief and pain Marcus Smart has been repressing are escaping a decade later in a messy way.

What Do Emotional Intelligence, Washboard Abs & Polar Exploration Have in Common?

Get it?

This Week’s Top Leadership Posts From Around the Web, Curated by Leadership Editor Dale Thomas Vaughn

It’s Not Just Men: a Woman’s Journey to Learn Empathy

Hearts all a Flickr by Flickr.Neal Fowler

Valerie Greene took away one last lesson from her marriage before it ended that changed how she understood Men.

Literature Makes You A Better Person? That’s Just Science

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Recent study finds the quality of your reading affects your social skills.

Death of the Black Man from Inside Out

Death of a Black Man from Inside Out

Aleasa Word shares how black women can support the emotional needs of black men.

Name It, Own It and Say It Out Loud

photo by vmgAH

Dr. Les Kertay finds a way to teach emotional intelligence to his son.

Five Reasons Not To Commit Suicide

upset man, depressed man, sad, sadness, upset, mourning, depression, lonely man

5 reasons not to commit suicide, as listed by Stan Popovich

The Emotional IQ of a Man


Dr. Vibe and Co. discuss the emotional intelligence of men

25 Life Skills a Father Can Give His Son

men's life skills, life skills for men, fathers and sons, what fathers teach sons, manhood, Father's Day, importance of fathers

What skills do you wish your father had taught you?

Daniel Goleman: On Compassion and Emotional Intelligence (TEDTalks VIDEO)


“There is zero correlation between IQ and emotional empathy … They’re controlled by different parts of the brain.”

Bodies in Motion: The Bike

boys bicycling, boys daredevils, boys physical risk taking

Are young males, generally, hardwired to take risks? Jason Kapcala explores this theme in part one of his series, “Bodies in Motion.”

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The Discomfort of the Mirror: Silver Linings Playbook, Bipolar, and Me

Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper, movie review, bipolar, bipolar disorder, mental health, men's health, bipolar men, violence

Ryan W. Bradley squirms through a film about a man like he was, not long ago: undiagnosed, violent, and about to hit bottom.

7 Types of Self-Care to Help Prevent and Heal Depression

exercise, beating depression, depressions warning signs, depression treatment, depression self care, men's health, mental health, men depression, depression statistics, men and suicide

Depression shouldn’t be a terminal illness. How to tell if your depression is serious, and when to seek care.

When Teen Boys Lose Hope

mentoring boys, mentoring teen boys, mentoring teenage boys, leading cause of death among teenage boys, suicide, impulsive behavior, aggression, emotional intelligence

Hopeless and angry young males can do desperate things. How mentors can stand by in their times of crisis.