Comment of the Day: ‘Dear kids – sex has nothing to do with your value as a person’

To have or not to have sex—the choice should be yours.

The Incredible Story of Jen Bricker, A Gymnast Born Without Legs

Born without legs and given up for adoption, Jennifer Bricker became a world-class aerialist—and got a shocking surprise about her family tree. — Jennifer Bricker dreamed of being a gymnast from a young age. She’d watch the Olympics on TV, following the moves of the U.S. women’s team closely. Dominique Moceanu, the 1996 Gold Medal […]

Emotional Resilience: What Makes the Difference Between Surviving & Thriving?

What makes the difference between people who get knocked down by life and stay down, and those who get back up?

Mental Toughness Has Nothing to Do with Being a Hardass

Learn the difference between mastery and suppression of your feelings.

Bob Dole on Rebounding After Loss

Inspiring story of how Bob Dole found his most rewarding work after losing the bid for President.

Emotional Intelligence: 9/22

What should we be teaching boys and men about their emotions?