3 Things To Remember When You’re Falling In Love

Beautiful Couple kissing at Sunset.

Jordan Gray says that love can be scary… and you’re allowed to be feeling a lot of big feelings.

Learn to Feel Her (Or Lose Her)

learn to feel her photo by Darion

It’s time we start bringing embodied emotional wisdom back into our intimate relationships. Our feminine partners are aching for it.

An Exploration of Male Grief

An Exploration by Martin

Raoul Wieland takes a look at male grief through the lens of close reading.

All Relationship Is For Healing

Young couple in love outdoor

Jordan Gray says that we can get by on our own, but in order to have an exceptional life, we need to allow ourselves to lean on others for support. —– The purpose of any and every relationship in your life is healing. Whether it’s the healing you’re aware of… your ex that you want […]

Are You Truly Healthy? 15 Questions to Ask Yourself


Dr. Michael Galitzer explains that you CAN take control over your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Men Crying: Should We Be Ashamed?


Matthew Rozsa explores an unusual aspect of the question: Why aren’t men supposed to cry?  ___ A funny thing happened on the way to my thirties: I’ve started crying again. This would normally be the part of the editorial in which I’d denounce our culture’s inability to differentiate between masculinity and mindless machismo, followed by a […]

Teaching Kids About Emotions With a Feelings Journal


Feelings and Emotions Matter But We Must Teach Kids The Difference

GMP on BBC London: Talking Boys, Emotional Toughness and Reduced Life Expectancy


Mark Greene explains why the damaging culture of male emotional toughness results in men’s reduced life expectancy

Why Your Expectations are Silently Killing Your Relationship


What we expect may not be what our partners are willing to give.

Bring Your Emotional Intelligence to Work

Bring Your Emotional by Carolyn Stern

We all want to work smarter. But brilliant ideas only get you so far. The key to success is emotional intelligence.

Why We Run #16: Letting Go


Running was my constant in life’s changing seasons.

Why Jealousy is Good For You


How much room do we have for painful emotions?

Controlling Emotions: a Lesson from Angry Birds

A Lesson by AishVideo

What happens when an angry bird realizes he doesn’t have to be angry? ___ For many of us, anger seems to be a reflex reaction? But we actually have a choice.Photo—AishVideo/YouTube  

Why I Don’t Want Inner Peace


Tim Mousseau found serenity for a moment … and realized it’s not a state where he wants to thrive.

How Men And Women Experience Jealousy Differently, and Why

unhappy guy with a girl

The “green monster’s” evolutionary purpose explains a lot about why we experience emotional jealousy.

Forever Alone? Fluid Emotions You Feel After Being Single Too Long


The only way to stumble on a rock is to go to the forest.